Living Room Sessions – Complimentary Resources

Living Room Sessions – Complimentary Resources

Download your products from this page! As promised, you get ALL of my products as a part of this program! The links for the eBooks are below, you can download the files to your own computer. If you like reading or working from paper, send some or all for coil-bound printing at your local print shop.



You can read about it here.
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PWYC eBook
How to Tour Transcript
How to Tour Audio:
Hub Marketing
Hub Marketing Workbook
The Meantime: Low Hanging Fruit
On Selling High End Packages for Coaches: A Conversation Between Tad Hargrave and Greg Faxon
The Art of Relevance
The Art of Relevance Workbook
Who am I to Teach and Charge for it?
The Art of the Full House
Point of View Marketing
POV Workbook
How to Start
Don’t Market Yourself. Market Your Message.
The Niching Nest
Crystal Clear: Five Simple & Proven Ways to Describe What You Do So That People Get it (Even if it Seems Hopeless)
The Heart of Selling: An Interview with Mark Silver
22 Myths About Building Your Practice: Learn Almost Two Dozen Ways You Might Be Unwittingly Sabotaging Your Own Success
Grow Your Email List with The Free Gift Workbook
The Top Ten Blunders Holistic Practitioners & Life Coaches Make
These five eBooks include over 200 pages of easy to apply tactics designed to get you cash-flow immediately. They’re tailored for my online 30-day program called The Meantime. But go ahead and give them a read, they’re self explanatory for the most part.
The Meantime: Part 1 – Getting Ready
This is the workbook we use before The Meantime gets started to help people orient and get ready.
The Meantime: Part 2 – Physical Space
Your short workbook for the first week where we’re focusing 100% on getting your physical space in order. Many people find this one of the most impactful weeks of the whole course.
The Meantime: Part 3 – More Space
The Week Two workbook focuses in on creating emotional, social and financial space as well as more space in your calendar.
The Meantime: Part 4 – Low Hanging Fruit
At 130 pages, the Week Three workbook is packed with 35 or so specific, actionable, fast-acting and profit-producing tactics you can apply immediately in your business to bring in more money.
The Meantime: Part 5 – Planting Seeds
The Week Four workbook takes a look at some of the core ideas you can integrate long term to make sure The Meantime is something you won’t have to re-visit for a long time.
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