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LONDON: Marketing 101 for Holistic Practitioners Weekend Registration Form

We ask for your phone number in case there are any last minute changes in the workshop and we need to reach you.
If you give us your twitter name you're also giving us permission to tag you in charming tweets about the weekend (e.g. @twitterperson - excited to spend the 'marketing 101 for holistic practitioners' weekend workshop with you).
We'll be using all this info as a marketing lesson at the weekend - so the more detail you can give us the better. And we like to say thank you.
Do you understand this whole PWYC thing? (read below for more info).
The way we do Pay What You Can (PWYC) is asking people to pay us with four cheques. One payable at the end of the weekend and the other three post dated for up until one year from the weekend. Any dates and any amounts. No amount is too big or too small. Whatever you choose is perfect. We find spreading out the payments helps people pay amounts that feel right without breaking the bank and it's great for our cashflow to spread it out.
The Payment Option I Choose Is . . .(Required)
Some folks feel very uneasy about PWYC and some (2% of people) would rather just pay a flat amount upfront. If that's you, let's us know and we'll make arrangements. But we encourage you to come on the PWYC basis. To explore these other payments options, go here:
Max. file size: 4 MB.

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