MfH Urban Retreat:
Meet The Other Amazing Attendees

We’re so glad you’ve decided to attend the retreat this November.
It truly is a great bunch of people, so great, that’d we thought it’d be swell for you all to get to know just how wonderful you all are before the retreat.
This page will be updated regularly as people register.
Paul Barker from Peterborough, United Kingdom

Hi Paul here, over the years I have been both challenged by, and yet become more accustomed to change. I have lived in more than 25 different locations, moved country four times, married three times, 2 children, 2 dogs, a beautiful wife, and just turned 60. Yet I find myself on the cusp of change once more, as I change career and look to develop and grow my new work into a stable and sustainable business. That's me, I have landed..
Beth Cox from Swansea, United Kingdom
I live in South Wales, UK. I love exploring landscapes, particularly the ways we relate to ourselves, others and our environment. Two big influences on my personal landscape are an adult diagnosed of dyslexia and 20 years of living with chronic pain after a car accident. After about 30 years of being in battle with myself, I began finding ways of embracing my unique gifts and feeling more at home in my body and mind. Yoga and embodied self-awareness have been two big influences on this how I've befriended myself. These are the tools I offer when working with others.
Nisanka Wickramarachchi from Burgess Hill, United Kingdom

I help parents who co-parent with narcissistic parents to support your children consistently and effectively whilst preserving your sanity.
Caroline Carey from Hastings, United Kingdom
I'm considered a medicine woman, born in 1960, with a love for the wild, poetry and to dance, passionate about creativity, mystery and myth. My core-wound and my spiritual assets journeyed this path side by side. I am an edge walker, living in a world of polarity. It has led me to become a voice as an innovative spiritual/shamanic guide, a soul-worker, published writer and workshop leader. I am also a mother of six wonderful now adult children and a grandmother of ten. I'm married and live in East Sussex with our two dogs. I have written and published six books, I love to write..
Sarah Samuel from Brighton, United Kingdom
Hello, glad to be here. Feeling in need of some marketing camaraderie! My niche seems to be a moving target that needs direction! I am a published author of books on Mindfulness, an experienced coach, a certified breathwork facilitator and an IFS (Internal Family Systems) informed therapist. I work with introverts who feel stuck in their career and simultaneously yearn and fear expressing their truth. I help them connect to their innate essence and potential - through breathwork, nature retreats, visualisations - and integrate this into their life through trauma-informed therapy and coaching.
Dorothy Nesbit from Reading, United Kingdom
Recently moved from London, England, to rural West Berks, I am enjoying a time of exploration; a chapter which is all about shaping the next phase of my life whilst also lending support to my nonagenarian Mum. I am confident of my skills and abilities and clear that I haven't quite found my heartland - my unique niche. I'm here to find the answer to the question and then to learn about how to make it happen in practice. Singing (with the London Symphony Chorus) has been temporarily suspended. I am enjoying country walks, lots of reading, collecting pottery and Scrabble with Mum.
Poonam Dhuffer from London, United Kingdom
Hey! I am a somatic coach, facilitator and speaker. I host workshops, talks, healing circles and coaching. I am devoted to created healing spaces for people to attune to the wisdom of their bodies and to recognise the interconnected web we are in together. My work dances between Somatics, human centred therapy, systems thinking, emergent strategy, and Ancient Wisdom rooted in the Dharmic traditions. I weave threads of craft, movement, sound, ritual, reflection, and prayer in my life. I love being in the creative process of exploration and the learnings that emerge.
Ingrid Lill from Copenhagen, Denmark

I am a communication designer turned business coach. Helping big thinkers with (too) many ideas to find and express their message – starting by drawing their business storyboard in a live session on Zoom. I work 1:1 as a visual thinking partner with executives and entrepreneurs. The other way to work with me is through courses like "Simple Illustration for business" and "Find your message" for the lovely coaches and other solopreneurs in the "Visual Thinkers' Business Club".
Sandy Gee
Hi I'm an 'Authenticity Adventurer' - a term I playfully coined to describe myself when I returned from a 7 week wild swimming road trip round Wales 2 years ago and joined the Happy Startup School. That name has unexpectedly stuck with me - fitting more deeply than imagined. And now I'm planning to launch my new business with the name of 'Authenticity Adventures'. I was a Focusing and Experiential psychotherapist for the previous 15 years, and an empowerment and anti-victimisation trainer before that. Now I'm wanting to offer mentorship and an active exploratory space for people to explore and develop their skills to step more fully into their authenticity. I hope this few days will help me articulate all that better than this!
Erika Chalkley

I'm an embodiment mentor and Buddhist meditation teacher. I help women move from being ‘too nice’ into their most courageous life.
Victoria Hogg from East Sussex, United Kingdom

I guide people to greater presentations confidence using improv. Play → Connect → Succeed.
Gabrielle McNaughton from London, United Kingdom
Craniosacral Therapy & Yoga
Andrew Wayfinder Hryniewicz from London, United Kingdom

Career Coach, Psychotherapist, Shamanic
Livia Servier

Jo Byron-Russell
Sue Winter
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