Links I Seem To Send to Most Holistic Practitioners

So, I’ve been doing lots of consultations with holistic practitioners and I always seem to be emailing them the same links in the follow up emails, so I thought I’d put them all here.

BLOG POSTS: Where can you find all of my blog posts for holistic practitioners? Right here.

INFO ON HUBS: There’s nothing more important that figuring out where you can reach your ideal clients and who can help you connect with them. For info on that, read these.

HUBS DATABASE: It’s one thing to know where to find people, it’s another to be super organized and strategic about it. If you don’t already have a hubs database I commend you get on that right quick.

WEBSITE: Need a website? Frustrated with your web designer? Check. This. Out.

WEBSITE TOOLKIT: Don’t know what kind of content you need to put on your website? Or what pages to have on it? Now you do!

BYE BYE BORING BIO: Did you know that the very first page most people will check out on an holistic practitioners website is the ‘about me’ or ‘bio’ page? Given that – how important do YOU think it is?  Here’s the best ebook (called “Bye Bye Boring Bio”), I’ve ever read on how to create a kick ass bio.

MARKETING FOR THERAPISTS: I work with a lot of therapists who feel hamstrung with marketing due to confidentiality and ethics and boundaries with clients.  Be hamstrung no more! Read this blog post.

MY ONLINE MARKETING GURU: The website you’re looking at here is 100% due to my pal Jaime Almond. She helps people get ‘big’ online and create a name for themselves and is one of the smartest people I know in online marketing. You have questions about creating a wordpress website? Social media? Online marketing? Jaime Almond is your gal.

MY WORDPRESS: Do you like my website? Well why not check out the template that I use (and love). It’s called Frugal.


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