life is easy

I was just in Thailand and I stayed at an organic farm and sustainability center called Pun Pun. It was run by a fellow named Jon and his wife Peggy.

Below is a 15 minute video of Jon sharing the philosophy of his center.

It’s a beautiful example of a well articulated point of view and clear sense of why. And I think it might just inspire and warm your heart.


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  • Yes! I agree (though I haven’t always known this). Thanks, Tad, for posting this. I’ve passed it on.

  • glad you liked it :-)

  • Tad, thank you. I needed this :) I have shared EVERYWHERE! Guess I’m just a hippy at heart :)

  • Love the distinction between constructive and destructive knowledge….What are you contributing to when you are learning?  What do you aspire towards? 

    This really speaks beautifully to Vicki Robin & Joe Dominguez’s book Your Money or Your Life.  What are you trading your life energy for? 

    And man oh man, I LOVE knowing that life can be easy…what perspective do you want to hold on to?

    Lots of questions, right?!!  But, they lead to some good answers.  THANKS for sharing, Tad…and I’m going to share away!

  • Rob

    thanks for sharing Tad.  I also believe life should be easy.  I appreciate his honesty and sincerity.  We should all question the way we are living and being as he has.

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  • Kellita Tabouli

    This is wonderful. Thanks for sharing this.