Mentorship Program Case Study #1: Burlesque Performer & Soulful Mentor – Kellita Maloof – Showgirl Awakening, USA

Kellita was one of the first people to join my Mentorship Program and, if I’m honest, one of the dearest to me. Kellita weaves together burlesque performance with an astute understanding of psyche and psychology and a deep respect for soul.

When she joined I was still figuring out how to even run this program at all and had no systems set up and so there were many wins (her glorious homepage and her staggeringly lucid and compelling point of view) there were losses for me (I never really helped her set up the marketing systems to get her workshops filling regularly (which is now something I focus on much more)).

So Kellita left with a very solid foundation but more work could have been done on her sales funnel.

The foundation was hard won.

Kellita brought so many years of experience to the table. Decades of deep investment in her personal growth and learning about her art, about psyche and her own spiritual path. She came with several heavy bags of mixed grains. Wealth. Abundance. But not organized. And so we rolled up our sleeves and, during the weekly calls, in the GoogleDocs and on Voxer, we dug deep and kept trying to hone what exactly it is she did and for whom.

We worked hard on articulating her unique philosophy and the vulnerability that comes from having a philosophy that not everyone in your industry will agree with.

But one of the beautiful moments of her participation in the program was when a woman from England stumbled across her website one day and, having never heard of Kellita or her work and having never spoken to Kellita, booked her flight and space in Kellita’s Burlesque from the Inside-Out weekend.  It was one of those moments where the marketing adage of Peter Drucker, “The purpose of marketing is to make selling superfluous” came true.

Kellita’s Homepage

Kellita’s My Philosophy Page

Salesletter for her Burlesque Act Review

Salesletter for her Burlesque Online Course
Burlesque Retreat


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