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How To Make This Happen:

Here are the logistical steps needed to join this 30-day program as a Member of my Marketing for Hippies Membership Program:

Note: you don’t have to read the long Membership Program sales letter.

We get that you may just want to take this 30-Day program with Tad, and that is genuinely fine with us!
You can, if you like, skip the Membership sales letter by using one of the green buttons below to pay directly for your Pro or Foundations Membership.
Or! If you want to read the full Membership Program sales letter first, by all means, please do. 

There is an important decision for you to make about your Membership Level.

** Please note: all prices listed in USD**
There are two levels of Membership: Foundations ($40/month) and Pro ($100/month). The Pro account includes full access to all 30-Day Programs for no added fees. The Foundations level gives you 50% off of the 30-Day Programs. 
To be totally transparent, it’s cheaper to get the Pro Membership for the month that your 30-Day Program starts in. You’ll pay $100/month and will get your $300 30-Day Program included in that fee! You’ll also get free access to ALL the eBooks and courses within the Membership (all of this is laid out in the Membership sales letter). 
You are also welcome to join the Foundations Membership for the month that your 30-Day Program starts in. You’ll pay $40/month, plus you’ll also need to pay the 50% discounted 30-Day Program fee, which equals $150. This puts you at $190 total, plus any eBooks you might want to purchase at 50% off. You will get free access to a few eBooks and courses in the Membership, and will be able to access other eBooks and courses for 50% off (all of this is laid out in the Membership sales letter). 
Either way, it’s actually cheaper than the public price of this 30-Day Program at $300 USD. So it’s a win for you!

There are four actions to take to get registered for this 30-Day Program: 

Yup, more than one step, but not by many. It’ll take about 5-10 minutes, here are the steps (you may want to save this page or screenshot it to make sure you have this info right now):
Click on the Membership Button for Foundations or Pro (your choice, see previous point). You’ll get sent to a cart area where you choose your payment type and checkout (this is if you want to skip the Membership sales page and just go ahead and get your Membership started and your 30-Day Program registered for:

Next you’ll watch for a confirmation email with the info on setting up your Membership Account. You click on the link in that email and set up your Membership account. NOTE: No need to add a headshot and bio and such if you’re on the mission to get yourself registered for your 30-Day Program. You can back up and do that later in order to connect with other 30-Day Program participants.
Within the Membership platform you choose “Courses & eBooks” in the left-hand contents bar, which looks like this: 

Scroll down and find the 30-Day Program you want to register for under “Courses & eBooks” and you join it! (If you chose a Foundations Membership, you’ll be directed to pay the 50% off fee for the course):

That’s it! You take a breath, and then dive into the course preparation instructions and materials when you’re ready. If you feel stuck at any point you can message Tad’s assistant Susan Kendal within the Membership, or just send her an email at

Ok, go for it!

Join the Membership by

pressing the enormous, red button below

and following the four steps above.

We’ll see you on the other side

in the Membership

and, most importantly for you,

in the 30-Day Program of your choice!


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