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Are You Interested In Joining A Pod?

Within the Marketing For Hippies membership people have been forming pods and it has been a game changer for many folks. 

Just having a group of like-minded people to bounce ideas off of and follow one another’s progress can make a big difference for motivation to actually get work done. 

So often, being an entrepreneur can be a lonely business. 

Either you don’t have entrepreneur friends to talk things through with or you do but they don’t have any marketing savvy or, worse, they’re steeped in the old-school, pushy and aggressive tactics you’re trying to get away from.

So we’re seeing if there are people that are interested the Marketing for Hippies Pods.  If so, then we’ll put together some resources to help out.

What The Heck Is A Pod Anyway?

For the purposes of this page, a pod is a small group of four to six like-minded, hippy-entrepreneurs working towards a common goal in their ethical marketing work.

This May Be For You If:

If joining the membership is out of reach at the moment and you want to work on your marketing with a group of like-minded individuals, at your own pace, this may be for you. 

Want To Join A Pod? Sign Up Below

Right now we’re gathering names of people who might want to be involved in a pod to see if there’s enough interest to develop this resource.

We’re working on a guide on how to put together your own pod. 

This will be a self/group-guided and directed project that you can shape to your own needs while resourcing some of Tad’s concepts in his Marketing For Hippies work.

If you are interested in learning more about Marketing for Hippies Pods, please sign up here and you’ll hear from us at the start of 2024.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already, join our Facebook Group. It’s a moderated space that’s full of like-minded entrepreneurs. 

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