Additional Islands/Relevance Resources:


The Art of Relevance Workbook. Download HERE

This workbook is a companion to The Art of Relevance eBook by Tad Hargrave. You can find out more about it and purchase it HERE.

A Grounding in The Journey:

Six Harsh Truths That Will Make Your a Better Person by David Wong

Island A:

The Ten Best Topics to Blog About by Corrina Gordon-Barnes

Find the Pain vs. Solve the Problem by Ari Galper

Using “Pain” To Sell… Where Do You Stand? By Ari Galper

Preparing for the Cold Call: Find a Compelling Problem by Ari Galper

Island B:

What’s Driving Your Buying? by Tova Payne 

Marketing Lessons from a Sex Workshop by Tad Hargrave

Sell More by Selling Less by Chris Lema

Pain Points or Passion Points? by Lisa Manyon

Island C:

The Leader and the ‘Call’ of the New Idea by Lynn Serafinn 

Island Z:

The Astonishing Power of Fear by Clayton Makepeace