Is Your Bio Doing You and Your Business Justice?

I want to tell you why I will likely not be helping anyone redo their bios anytime soon.

(If you are an independent professional such as a coach, consultant, solopreneur, aspiring and thriving author, speaker or infopreneur – pay attention – Even if you aren’t this could me more relevant than you might think)

It’s about your bio.

But to rewind . . .

I was just in California for a pretty amazing meeting of some of North America’s top business and marketing coaches.

I’ll tell you about it sometime. Pretty cool.

While I was there I met a lady who has been referred to as a “bio whisperer”.  She helps people take their mediocre bios and make them ‘wow’ worthy. In the last year I’ve come to understand how our bios are one of the most overlooked and undervalued parts of our marketing. So, a few months ago I totally redid my bio.

And, since she was sitting next to me, I pulled out my laptop and I showed it to her.

I thought it was really good!

She did not.

Within five minutes, she had given me a whole new understanding of what my bio could sound like. She lovingly, expertly and yet ruthlessly eviscerated, critiqued, took apart, reworded and re-imagined my life story.

I was sold. You need to check her out.

Her name is Nancy Juetten, and she is the author of the popular and well-reviewed “Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guide”.

I just bought it. It kicks ass. It’s one of the most practical, high value ebooks I’ve ever read.

If you want to jump right to buying it – you can go here:

But before you do – let me give my pitch on why your bio matters. A lot.

Why your bio matters more than you think:

We live in a day and age where people are more skeptical than ever about advertising, marketing and business. Cynicism is rampant. Dealing with faceless corporations in the age of facebook is losing its luster.

In the age of social media – relationships matter more than they ever have. People are no longer buying from ‘companies’ they are buying from ‘people’. And the beginning of the relationship is them being clear about who you are and what you’re all about.

Relationships matter. So does authenticity.

People smell bullshit faster than ever before.

And attention spans are shorter than they’ve ever been.

To sum it up: we live in an age of A.D.D. cynics.

So you have to capture their attention FAST. And they need to get that you’re ‘REAL’ extremely quickly too. Within seconds of seeing your marketing materials (e.g. brochures, business cards, websites, posters) they will decide if you are relevant to them and whether or not they like and trust you.

Harsh but true.

Your bio is the place they look to learn about who you are and what your story is.

Your story is what they will or won’t connect to. If they connect to your story – they will overlook a lot of marketing gaffes.

There are three possible scenarios with your bio:

  • SCENARIO #1: No Bio. This is terrible. Suddenly your business feels cold. Bureaucratic. Antiseptic. A bit too clean.
  • SCENARIO #2: A Bad Bio. This might even be worse. I have read bios that come across as resumes, or too quirky and no substance – some that make the person seem incredibly arrogant. If you’re making reference to your “extraordinary capacities” as a “prodigy” and citing your “exemplary achievement” – I might consider cutting those bits out. Regardless of ‘how’ it goes wrong – a bad bio will lose people faster than anything. After all, if you’re they’re going to be getting the support from you but they don’t connect with you . .
  • SCENARIO #3: A Great Bio. When you have a great bio people’s hearts will leap. It will become immediately clear whether or not it’s a fit. They will feel your humanity and already have warm vibes towards you – before you’ve ever met. A rockstar bio will also share your story in such a way that you earn expert status and media attention. More and more people aren’t buying products or services – they’re buying stories. They want to feel a connection with what they’re buying. Your bio is central to that.

And there is no product on earth that I know that can help you create an inspiring, clear and powerful bio like Nancy’s ebook.

When people ask me for help with their bio I will send them to her ebook.

Why is it so good?

Her ebook (and I think this is the best part) is paaaaacked with examples of real life bios that work. It’s one thing to hear the concepts and hope they work – it’s another to read a bio and feel the impact of it.

It’s also packed with step by step instructions on how to craft your own.

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