is conscious marketing bullshit? discuss . . .

I’ve been thinking about a question lately.

The question is this: “is conscious marketing bullshit?”

Seems to be a big trend lately: people talking about ‘conscious marketing’ and ‘heart selling’ and ‘selling with integrity’ and ‘spiritual marketing’ etc.  But are we just trying to find a way to rationalize our need to market ourselves so we can pay the bills? Or is there really something different?

At one of my last workshops in Toronto someone asked me, ‘what exactly does ‘marketing for hippies’ mean? and how is it different from regular marketing?’

I was mortified to realize i didn’t have a clear answer. nuts.

Throughout the workshop, I would flag things here and there saying, ‘aha! this is a way it’s different!’ but i found myself wishing i had a ‘top ten principles’ sort of thing.

After all – people still need a brand, they need to articulate how they’re different, find ways to reduce the risk of taking the first step, get people’s attention, craft irresistible offers and get them to take action, identify their hubs, make it ‘talkable’ . . . yada yada – so what is it that makes ‘conscious marketing’ so different? what is the perspective or set of principles that set it apart from plain old ‘effective‘ marketing?

Do you feel me?

So I thought i’d ask all of you your opinions on the matter while I sort out my thoughts into something really clear and coherent.

What do YOU think is most important in conscious marketing? what are the principles that should govern it? what are the guidelines and understandings that underlie it.

Please leave your brilliant thoughts below! can’t wait to see what we come up with . . .




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