I’m on the cover of a magazine!

So. I’m on the cover of one of the leading holistic magazines in Ottawa.

Cooler than this. For once in my life, I’m on the cover with Dan Millman (spoke to him on the phone once – very nice man).

How did this happen?

Hubs! The whole reality of hubs never ceases to amaze me; how much easier it is to build a business through partnerships and relationships than going it alone.

One of my clients Arria Deepwater connected me with a woman named Heather Garrod from Ottawa who runs a business called Planet Botanix. Heather decided she wanted to fill my events for me and spread the word. And somehow Tone magazine got wind of this – and now I’m on the cover. It comes out Monday.

I’ve never done anything like this – ads or used holistic magazines and so I’m curious what the response is going to be.


Heather has almost single handedly filled the Ottawa events already.

Having never been to Ottawa before to lead workshops I figured I’d be lucky to get 20 people out. You know – first time in town etc. But Heather already has 35 people registered for Nov 27th and three people signed up for Nov 28th and we had to find a bigger space that can hold 50 people per day.

So, the first day is almost full and the article hasn’t even come out yet. Woot!


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