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Last week, Jaime Almond (pictured right) and I got to chatting about blogs and what sorts of content is good to have on them.

Jaime: you are definitely the best blogger I know

me: really? what makes me so good do you think?

Jaime: you are very creative with content you do different styles of posts – like chats, comments etc you highlight what others are doing, you went from zero to blogger extraordinaire in like a month . . . well instantly, but after the first month you had a ton of content

me: hmm! i hadn’t thought about the importance of different styles in blogging. let’s do another brainstorm – what matters most in blogging!

Jaime: engagement – so connecting with your audience in a way that opens a conversation. new bloggers can give up because they don’t get lots of comments straight away.. it takes time to build a following

me: i think having lots of internal links in your blog so they can find other blog posts on your site that are in a similar vein

Jaime: relevance.. it has to be relevant, interesting

me: what are all the different blog formats you can think of?

youtube videos

Jaime: interviews
7 steps to __________
event listings

me: screencapture videos of things on your computer, before and after case studies

Jaime: highlighting someone

me: a highly opinionated rant about something, commenting on current events and tying it into the work you do

Jaime: oh yeah everyone loves a good rant.. drama is intriguing

me: reviewing a book, movie or something. chats like this!

Jaime: your best content. thought leadership – ie universal truths for your audience

me: some sort of question you put out on a controversial topic: like when i put out ‘is conscious marketing bullshit’ i got an epic response of people weighing in to share their take on it, a critique of your own industry

Jaime: Questions are the key. I think every post should end with a quesiton. oh.. on delivery of the content.. it needs to be easy to read.. have clear headers to break up content, include pictures…. blogs must be good for scanners

me: yes! i’m a huge fan of including a really compelling picture at the top of every blog. it really transforms it. and i think it’s good to mix up the length. once in a while write an epic long one. other times – put out something that’s a couple of paragraphs.

Jaime: so people go online to research and be educated, they also want to socialize, and finally they want to be entertained.. so finding the balance between all of these competitions

me: right.

Jaime: critiques – that could be like a case study, or it could just be a before and after

me: yay. i’ll put these on my blog next week. woot!

Jaime: before you do, you should ask your readers.. do a survey about what they like on blogs on your blog also ask what they would like to see

me: might just do that!

Jaime: then you could use actual data – also ask them what their favourite blogs are and why.


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