Hub Marketing: Online Program
(Semester Four)

"What if almost all of your clients came from word-of-mouth marketing?"

A Sustainable & Powerful Approach To Making More Money and Getting More Clients By Building Relationships and Community

Semester Four of the Marketing for Hippies Membership Four Semester Year

October – December

The Calls:

Content: Content is sometimes covered in 90-120 minute videos to be watched before attending your live calls each week.

Live, Q&A Calls: There are twelve, two-hour, live, Q&A calls with Tad throughout from October 3rd until November 7th.

(Two calls each Tuesday at 2am-4am + 10am-12am Pacific during the program. This means that every Tuesday you get two chances to get your questions answered, and hopefully one of the times works well for you wherever you are. It’s designed so that folks in all time zones can attend at least one call per Tuesday, but you’re welcome to attend both if you wish).


Call Dates: 

Oct. 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st, Nov. 7th & Dec 12th, 2023


Cost: $300 USD 

(three monthly payments of $100 USD)


I’ve known so many clients who feel totally paralyzed about where to even start in their marketing.

“Where do I even find clients?”

Mostly, that’s because they haven’t identified who they’re trying to reach.

But sometimes it’s not.

Sometimes it’s because they haven’t identified what I would call the “hubs” for their crowd.

We are looking for a small cadre of very specific entrepreneurs who like the idea of getting their business to a very specific place: that their ideal clients show up to their door with very little hustle on their end, open and ready to hear what they have to say – and that this happens almost entirely from from word of mouth (vs. chasing down and convincing cold leads to work with them).


So, What Is Hub Marketing? 

Imagine you have a cabin in the woods.

You turn it into a store. 

For people to show up at your store they need to be able to find it. 

No one is going to grab a machete and hack their way through the underbrush to find your store.

You need paths. Well trodden, clearly marked paths and with signs assuring people that, if they follow, they will get to your store.

No trails? No business.

Those paths are the “marketing tactics.” And there are many: public speaking, networking, writing articles and blog posts, Facebook ads, getting interviewed, publicity stunts, door knocking, posters, etc.

We could come up with dozens more.

Secret #1: Choosing the best path for you.

Here’s the secret . . . all these tactics work. I promise you, if you were to hit Google, you could find people teaching workshops about each of them. There are people whose whole business is primarily based on using one of those. 

So how do you choose which ones to use?

The same way you would choose the best physical exercise for yourself. You pick the one you will actually do. Is swimming technically the best? Maybe. But, if you almost drowned as a child it is not the best one for you. Do you like walking? Love playing basketball? Will you actually do them? Then they’re better for you.

If you won’t do it it’s of no use to you at all. 

Secret #2: Making your chosen path work better for you.

No matter which tactics you choose, there is one approach that will make those tactics work better for you. 

It’s the same approach regardless of the tactic.

And I’m not talking a little bit better. 

I’m talking twice as well. 

Ten times as well. 

There’s an approaching you can pair with any tactic that will dramatically increase its effectiveness.

What is that approach? Hub Marketing.

Let me invite you to my live workshop from 2012 where I share about this: 

This Could Be A Good Fit For You If You:

  • Understand that the goal of a word-of-mouth based business is possible and requires a lot of upfront work to get there
  • Are in business for the long term (i.e. at least the next decade)
  • Are willing to focus on a particular niche for three months (with no need to change anything on your website at all)
  • Are ready and willing to spend at least three-to-five hours per week working on this material
  • Are friendly, coachable, and willing to receive candid feedback
  • Have at least one piece of strong hippie street cred 😉

Here's What You Get In Addition To Your Weekly, Semester Specific Calls:


All times are all subject to change, when you’re in the Membership the Event listings will confirm them.

MONDAYS (1am &10am Pacific)  – NICHING PRACTICE CALLS: Nothing will keep you struggling with crafting your Hub Marketing more than trying to be everything to everybody. Once a week, you can gather with other members, and do a small exercise on your niche to take a step towards greater clarity. These are at 1am and 10am PST every Monday.

TUESDAYS – This is the day for your program-specific calls as listed at  the top of this sales page.

WEDNESDAYS (9am Pacific) – COPY CO-LAB: Got some new offers you’re wanting to add to your Hub Marketing and polish up? The Copy Co-lab can help you hone the wording on your write up about it to make sure it’s as clear and compelling as possible.

WEDNESDAYS (10:30am Pacific) – CLIENT CATALYST LAB: Every week, you get one hour of focused time to do gather with other members and outreach and work that will directly generate a client. 

THURSDAYS (2am & 10am Pacific) – STUDY HALL: From the start of the semester, you will have twelve weeks of Hub Marketing focused Study Hall Sessions. They happen every Thursday at 2am and 10am Pacific Time. These calls will help you integrate and implement the content from the live calls and beyond. 

FRIDAY (11:30am Pacific) – WEEKLY LIVE Q&A CALL WITH TAD: Every week, you get an hour long call with Tad to ask him for help on anything, Hub Marketing related or not.

To visually sum it up, you’ve got your calls from this Semester’s program plus the following…

You'll Also Get...

DEEP DIVE INTEGRATION CALL: At the end of this semester, you’ll get to attend a three-hour session focused on you actually doing the work and getting direct feedback from myself and your fellow members. It’s us tying the bow on the bouquet of all the work we’ve done together. This semester’s Deep Dive call will be at the end of the semester for three hours each. This Deep Dive call will be a live, working call with no recording provided.

BONUS CONTENT: There is an incredible amount of bonus material on this topic divided as neatly as we could throughout the semester.

Six Compelling Reasons To Sign Up:

Reason #1: Incredibly affordable.

When I ran this workshop for the public, it was only $300 USD for 30-days, which is incredibly affordable. I now require participants to join my Membership for at least the duration of the Semestered Program they’re joining (in this case the Hub Marketing Semester). This means that this program is even MORE affordable, because my Membership is $100 USD per month, and therefore is just $300 USD for three months, not $300 USD for 30-days. 

Reason #2: The whole damned library of my content neatly organized. 

All of my videos, articles, eBooks and courses are in the Membership (all included for the price of admission). What’s in there? You can get a sense of the topics by digging into my Membership Guide.

You’ll also get access to other videos, pulled out from our weekly membership coaching calls there too that you’ll never find on YouTube.

You’ll find my content organized by industry so you can find what’s most relevant to you.

Reason #3: A distraction free and highly supportive infrastructure. 

We use Mighty Networks as our platform and so the only notifications you’ll get (which you can control as you like) will be related to growing your business not sweet cat memes from your high school friend. You’ll have a platform where you can ask questions of other participants and members and get needed help.

Reason #4: Pods. 

Every semester, we invite people to create pods. These are small groups of four to five people who gather once a week or so outside the regular calls to review each other’s work, offer feedback and support one another. This offers wonderful accountability and encouragement.

Reason #5: Case Studies & Round Tables. 

I plan to interview many of my more successful colleagues to find out how they use Hub Marketing in their work. These interviews won’t be shared publicly. 

Reason #6: Hot Seats. 

Every Hub Marketing semester, I offer three hot seats to members where I walk them through their Hub Marketing and help them refine it. Even if it’s not you on the hot seat, you’ll likely learn a tonne from watching.

IMPORTANT: What Is Asked Of You:

If you sign up for the Hub Marketing Program…

  • You may be asked to watch a few hours of content from the past years’ calls. The core content will be in these videos. The live calls are where you actually dig in, ask your questions and share where you’re stuck and do the work. 
  • I ask that you attend as many of the live calls as you’re able to. This is where the real value is: translating the ideas to your business. The calls will be very active in nature.
  • If you read the entire Hub Marketing eBook (which you’ll have free access to within the Membership) before we start, it will be a big help. Absolutely not required, but definitely helpful.

Reduce The Risk For Yourself:

Not sure about signing up? Check Out The Core Content Before You Join: If you’d just like to get an idea of what my general approach to marketing is (which will include an overview of Hub Marketing) then feel free to go and get your Marketing for Hippies ‘Starter Kit’. Who knows, the ideas in this material might help you make the money to pay for the program right away.

Any questions?

Stay human,


PS Make sure you confirm time zones for the dates of the calls. 

PPS If, at any point, for any reason, you want to drop out of the Membership, you’re welcome to go with no hassles or hard feelings. There’s no minimum time commitment.

"This course is the most sane and heart-centred approach  to marketing I've come across."

“This course is the most sane and heart-centred approach to marketing I’ve come across. Tad is outstanding at making marketing simple and learning about Hub Marketing has been transformational to me in how I do business. Marketing no longer feels like a big huge deal. It feels easeful and natural. I’d highly recommend this course if you want to find a human way of doing marketing that feels authentic and easy.” 

Ciara Bruton, Holistic Business Coach,

"Before ... I was feeling frustrated with how much effort I was putting into my marketing for such small returns."

“Before I came to Tad’s Hub Marketing Program I was feeling frustrated with how much effort I was putting into my marketing for such small returns. I’ve taken 5 different marketing courses over the past few years and none of them offered the insights on working with hubs like Tad’s program. If you’re looking to demystify your marketing, start with Tad.”

Kevin Hood,

"For the first time I fell in love with marketing."

“The Hub Marketing program took me out of my struggle bubble from having no clue how to market myself in a good way into a confident feeling of “I get it and I love it! For the first time I fell in love with marketing.

Tad is a machine of valuable ideas and strategies to market yourself without being sales-y, and he got me into the mindset of being creative and kind with it. New Ideas flowing more easily now.

The Program is well composed and structured. I loved the journey. From week to week I started to be more and more excited about marketing. Can’t emphasize enough how much self-confidence I gained during the process of understanding how good Hub Marketing/ Marketing works.

I know see tons of opportunities to work & collaborate with. Not to forget the great people I met in the program and with whom I now keep on going to support each other on our business journey.”

Mia Gödecke, 

"When we did the brainstorming of hub categories and hubs, it opened up my world. Suddenly I could see so many options for growing my business."

“Once again, super grateful to study with this wise marketing mentor! When we did the brainstorming of hub categories and hubs, it opened up my world. Suddenly I could see so many options for growing my business.

The second most important to me from this class was Tad’s coaching on approach and languaging as we reach out to these Hubs. His language is so graceful, heart-felt and invitational. People want to respond because you’re the type of authentic human they want to interact with.

I highly recommend taking Point of View marketing before this class so you can prepare a mini-video to share with hubs that you’re approaching.

From taking these two classes from Tad, I feel much more empowered in marketing. I know that for my personality type (sensitive) Tad’s methods are the best, most authentic way for me to grow my business.

I also enjoy Tad’s highly interactive class facilitation style. You integrate his concepts from his coaching of others and from group brainstorming.”

Octavia Brooks, 

“I have signed three new felt so so good, like coming home, not like I was 'Doing marketing tactics'."

“In these 5 weeks I have signed 3 new clients using just what was taught in week 3. And it felt so so good, like coming home, not like I was ‘Doing marketing tactics’. I also feel like I have permission to focus on the foundation of my business, because when I do it the way Tad teaches, it actually grows my business, instead of being a distraction or busy work. Thank you Tad I would do this program, exact same material, again in a heart beat because I know I would continue to get so much.”

Wil Carlos,

"...immediately helpful tools and concepts that showed me how to identify many more potential referral sources..."

“Strong client relationships are both the goal and foundation of excellent marketing. In the Hub Marketing 30-Day Program from Tad Hargrave at Marketing for Hippies I learned some immediately helpful tools and concepts that showed me how to identify many more potential referral sources than those who were already obvious. Another excellent takeaway was a simple business model structure that made it easy for me to redesign a much more effective marketing funnel strategy for my coaching practice. This program was worth way more than what was charged and I enjoyed the interactions with the group! Highly recommended, especially for people who struggle in any way with their marketing.” 

Franklin Taggart,

" was a pleasure to listen to Tad, he's a bit like talking to an old oak tree, knowledgeable, wise, been around forever and giving of reliable support."

“Ah man what a course. What a breeze! Previously Marketing definitely felt a concept too big to handle, and in fact one that I didn’t completely grasp the size and relevance for creating more clients, which in turn creates more business.

I found Tad through the voice of others (this is not ironic after the ‘word of mouth’ session) and much – most of his material (Youtube catalog) resonated and transmitted incredible smoothly and led me to many personal ‘ah-ha!’ moments. During the course, it was a pleasure to listen to Tad, he’s a bit like talking to an old oak tree, knowledgeable, wise, been around forever and giving of reliable support. That organic presence was calming and natural, a quintessential example of the type of conversation we are all looking for with our clients. Tad leads by good example.

Many, many great things to take away and also I was able to build an understanding (and confidence) of how I will make what I learned my own, and special for my clients. Fkn dooope course!”

Ben Munday,

"The biggest deal for me was the Business Model — seeing how it lays the foundation for (almost) everything else we do in our business and marketing; especially in the long-term."

“Indeed, this program has been a game-changer for me. I’ve followed Tad’s work for a while; watching playlist after playlist on YouTube and reading as much as I can from his website. What this program has done is help me tie it all together.

The biggest deal for me was the Business Model — seeing how it lays the foundation for (almost) everything else we do in our business and marketing; especially in the long-term. It holds special appeal to me because I am a very long-term thinker and I love building for the future.

As a result of what I learned in these five weeks, my website and entire business model is undergoing a big overhaul. It’s not going to be drastic; some of it will take months to show. But at least now I know EXACTLY what I need to include and what needs to be deleted. I have started taking active steps to consciously create a business model that reflects what I want to offer the world; and I’m convinced it’ll only keep getting clearer as I grow and progress. So that’s number one: Business Model.

Coming to the actual marketing:

  • I’ve never felt as confident as I do right now that my business is going to work.
  • I now know for a fact that I have the keys to creating as much income as I need, while delivering real-life value & lasting impact for my clients.
  • I no longer feel attached to any one source of generating business; as my eyes have been opened to the countless opportunities that abound everywhere.

I could go on but this will become a burden to read. I will stop here for now.

Tad: just know that you’ve touched a life here by creating this program. And the effects of that will touch many more people. Thank you.”

– Captain Orjiugo, Facebook Ads Expert 

"Tad is the most down-to-earth marketing professional I’ve ever worked with."

“As a freelance writer and editor, I assumed my business would always be one-dimensional. The business model module of the Hub Marketing program helped me to open up to new service offerings. Tad’s input and examples, along with that of the others in this cohort, really helped me to think outside the box. Tad is the most down-to-earth marketing professional I’ve ever worked with. He knows his stuff and he delivers it in a way that is easy to understand and implement.”

– Carole Audet, 

“Taking this class was perfect timing for me. I had just discerned my niche and was at a loss as to where and how to begin advertising.”

“Taking this class was perfect timing for me. I had just discerned my niche and was at a loss as to where and how to begin advertising. When Tad offered this class, I felt like my wish was granted! I jumped at the chance. The class did not disappoint; it was everything I needed to strategize a way forward. I don’t feel lost anymore, instead I feel confident. I have been recommending this class to all of my business friends. I did get 130 hubs from the homework of creating a hub database. I was very surprised at how easy it was. I got a ton of tools and help out of each class.”

– Akasha Madron, Changing The Story

PS: Money or timing don't work for you? Not quite sure that you resonate with my ideas?

If the timing or money don’t work for right now, feel free to get yourself a copy of my eBook Hub Marketing eBook: Build Your Business By Building Community and Relationships or go to this page and find all my free content on Hub Marketing, neatly organized. 

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