Hub Marketing Webinar

"Where Can I Find Clients?"

Friday, December 16, 2022

10am-12pm Pacific (Replay will be provided)


I’ve known so many clients who feel totally paralyzed about where to even start in their marketing.

Mostly, that’s because they haven’t identified who they’re trying to reach.

But sometimes it’s not.

Sometimes it’s because they haven’t identified what I would call the “hubs” for their crowd. They’re still operating at Level One.


At this level, you start with people you know and then . . . you quickly run out. And then we’re left with approaching people “cold.” Meaning, they totally don’t know us.

No relationship.

We’re talking to strangers about our business.

At this level we’re just getting our name out there. We’re talking to everyone we can. We’re attending random mixers, business luncheons, and networking events. We’re asking our clients to “tell their friends” about us (when we remember to do it).  We might even be cold calling (ugh). But the challenge with this level is that it’s incredibly time consuming and not that effective. And that leaves us feeling desperate and in a constant level of crisis.


At this level, you start to realize the power of using “hubs.” We realize that our ideal clients are already spending their time, money and attention in other places. There are certain events and locations we’re most likely to find them at. There are certain magazines, blogs and websites they check out.

There are certain people that are already well connected to and respected by our target markets.

So we start attending targeted events and connecting with the right people. We strategically build relationships with key hubs. This is a huge leap for most businesses. At this level, when you approach people they are “warm” to you because they’ve already heard about you from someone they trust.

In this 90-minute coaching call, you will learn:

  • What Hub Marketing Is
  • Why It Matters
  • Where Hub Marketing fits in your overall strategy
  • The Three Levels of Hub Marketing
  • The Five Elements of Hub Marketing
  • The Seven Types of Hubs
  • Three Things To Do With Hubs
  • Dozens of Examples for Both Services, Products & Retail Restaurants and Theatre

"For the first time I fell in love with marketing."

“The Hub Marketing program took me out of my struggle bubble from having no clue how to market myself in a good way into a confident feeling of “I get it and I love it! For the first time I fell in love with marketing.

Tad is a machine of valuable ideas and strategies to market yourself without being sales-y, and he got me into the mindset of being creative and kind with it. New Ideas flowing more easily now.

The Program is well composed and structured. I loved the journey. From week to week I started to be more and more excited about marketing. Can’t emphasize enough how much self-confidence I gained during the process of understanding how good Hub Marketing/ Marketing works.

I know see tons of opportunities to work & collaborate with. Not to forget the great people I met in the program and with whom I now keep on going to support each other on our business journey.”

– Mia Gödecke, 

"Before ... I was feeling frustrated with how much effort I was putting into my marketing for such small returns."

“Before I came to Tad’s Hub Marketing Program I was feeling frustrated with how much effort I was putting into my marketing for such small returns. I’ve taken 5 different marketing courses over the past few years and none of them offered the insights on working with hubs like Tad’s program. If you’re looking to demystify your marketing, start with Tad.”

– Kevin Hood,

"This course is the most sane and heart-centred approach  to marketing I've come across."

“This course is the most sane and heart-centred approach to marketing I’ve come across. Tad is outstanding at making marketing simple and learning about Hub Marketing has been transformational to me in how I do business. Marketing no longer feels like a big huge deal. It feels easeful and natural. I’d highly recommend this course if you want to find a human way of doing marketing that feels authentic and easy.” 

– Ciara Bruton, Holistic Business Coach,

"When we did the brainstorming of hub categories and hubs, it opened up my world. Suddenly I could see so many options for growing my business."

“Once again, super grateful to study with this wise marketing mentor! When we did the brainstorming of hub categories and hubs, it opened up my world. Suddenly I could see so many options for growing my business.

The second most important to me from this class was Tad’s coaching on approach and languaging as we reach out to these Hubs. His language is so graceful, heart-felt and invitational. People want to respond because you’re the type of authentic human they want to interact with.

I highly recommend taking Point of View marketing before this class so you can prepare a mini-video to share with hubs that you’re approaching.

From taking these two classes from Tad, I feel much more empowered in marketing. I know that for my personality type (sensitive) Tad’s methods are the best, most authentic way for me to grow my business.

I also enjoy Tad’s highly interactive class facilitation style. You integrate his concepts from his coaching of others and from group brainstorming.”

– Octavia Brooks, 

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