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Hub Marketing Teleseminar

“Where Can I Find Clients?”



I’ve known so many clients who feel totally paralyzed about where to even start in their marketing.

Mostly, that’s because they haven’t identified who they’re trying to reach.

But sometimes it’s not.

Sometimes it’s because they haven’t identified what I would call the “hubs” for their crowd. They’re still operating at Level One.

LEVEL 1: THE COLD APPROACH: At this level, you start with people you know and then . . . you quickly run out. And then we’re left with approaching people “cold.” Meaning, they totally don’t know us.

No relationship.

We’re talking to strangers about our business.

At this level we’re just getting our name out there. We’re talking to everyone we can. We’re attending random mixers, business luncheons, and networking events. We’re asking our clients to “tell their friends” about us (when we remember to do it).  We might even be cold calling (ugh). But the challenge with this level is that it’s incredibly time consuming and not that effective. And that leaves us feeling desperate and in a constant level of crisis.

LEVEL 2: THE WARM APPROACH – WORKING WITH HUBS: At this level, you start to realize the power of using “hubs.” We realize that our ideal clients are already spending their time, money and attention in other places. There are certain events and locations we’re most likely to find them at. There are certain magazines, blogs and websites they check out.

There are certain people that are already well connected to and respected by our target markets.

So we start attending targeted events and connecting with the right people. We strategically build relationships with key hubs. This is a huge leap for most businesses. At this level, when you approach people they are “warm” to you because they’ve already heard about you from someone they trust.

This 90-minute coaching call will help you to:

  • Identify the seven major types of hubs (you wouldn’t believe what you might be overlooking).
  • Exactly how to keep track of your hubs (so critical! most people are crap at this).
  • How to approach hubs so that they’re most likely to want to support and promote you.
  • How to build your relationships with your hubs over time (this is so critical).
  • Identify at least three major hubs you can focus on right away that could have quality clients coming to you within the month.


Hope to see you on the call.



P.S. Remember: Here are a bunch of free blog posts and videos you can start watching (before you even sign up) to start making some progress on this.

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