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Niching for Hippies 101:

A Ninety Minute, Content Rich Webinar on How You Can Make More Money, Get More Clients and Work Less by Figuring Out Your Niche

Hosted by Howie Jacobson and featuring Tad Hargrave of


Webinar Date and Time:

July 3rd @ 10am PT/11am MT/12pm CT/1pm ET


This webinar is for you if:

  • you run a conscious, local, green, holistic or community minded business
  • you know you need to get a handle on this whole issue of ‘niche’ for your business.
  • you’re finally ready to do something about it (and are open to learning how)


In this call, you’re going to learn:

  • six really good reasons to avoid niching (and why they’re not true)
  • the three core elements of a strong niche
  • the five biggest niching blunders
  • Tad’s four ‘big ideas’ to identifying your niche
  • lots of real life niche examples



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Dear friend,

My colleague, Tad Hargrave of, is leading a webinar I think you should consider attending.

If you’re struggling with this whole ‘niche’ question in your business – I’m hoping that this webinar will be of some use to you.

Over the years, and after working with thousands of conscious entrepreneurs from around the world, Tad noticed something I’ve noticed too – that most marketing struggles stem from a lack of clarity around who they are trying to reach. Whether they were aware of it or not (and they usually weren’t).

Tad was going to charge $29 for this webinar (and at 90 minutes of solid content plus 15 minutes of Q&A it would be well worth it). But a colleague convinced him it would be smarter for him to offer it for free in leading up to a six week virtual coaching program he’s put together. We’ll tell you a bit about that during the call but we won’t take more that 10 minutes or so on that.

And, at the end of the webinar, Tad and I will take 15 minutes or so to answer any questions that have been submitted in the form above.


Howie Jacobson

p.s.  I encourage you to sign up for this webinar. You don’t want to end up like the little cartoon bear in this funny video below that Tad made (WATCH BELOW) . . . 


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