How to Tour

How to Tour

a one-time, live, practical, two-hour teleseminar on how to profitably tour your workshops

Tuesday, August 9th

1pm – 3pm MT (local time in Alberta, Canada)


$50 USD




Hey there,

Real talk: I’ve made much of my income over the past decade from touring my workshops.

I could have made a lot more but I really like being home.

This is a subject about which I have a lot of strong opinions based on ten years on the road, traveling around North America and the UK to lead my workshops.

It never occurred to me that this kind of lifestyle was anything other than me “hustling” to make money and do what I loved.

Tad_Hollyhock_2015But, over the years, people would say, “Wow! What an amazing lifestyle you have!”

And I realized there was some truth to that.

People would ask me questions about how I did it and I had answers for them that made sense.

The more I thought about it the more I realized I had something worth sharing here.

So, here’s the deal: I’m only doing this teleseminar once. I never plan to repeat it.

I’ll be sharing the best of what I know on how to profitably tour workshops.

I promise you that what you learn will be practical, no bullshit, and borne of my direct experience and that of friends and colleagues.

This teleseminar could be for you if you:

  • have been wanting to travel and teach but don’t have any idea on where to start with it and the whole thing just feels generally overwhelming.
  • already have a good and marketable workshop or are willing to do the heavy lifting to develop one.
  • are willing to hustle to make it happen.
  • have some “back end” things you can offer. This isn’t a must, but touring works out best when you’ve got something people can buy from you in your workshops (e.g. coaching, a longer retreat or online program, eBooks and eCourses, etc.).
  • want some candid real-talk about the ups and downs, pros and cons of the whole touring business. This call won’t be a pump-up session telling you to just go for it. There are plenty of reasons not to tour. Plenty.
  • are drawn to the lap-top lifestyle and are hankering to travel a lot in the coming years, making money and teaching as you go, then this is perfect for you.

This teleseminar is not about:

  • how to craft your workshop or structure it: That’s a huge conversation and job that should precede this one. I assume you have this already walking in.
  • how to come up with your own signature workshop: If you’re stuck with this then you need help with your niche and your point of view more than anything, and how to come up with packages that sell. This call isn’t a fix-everything call. It’s a call that’s 100% focused on the aspects of touring.
  • giving you a complete lesson on “how to market workshops.” If you’re looking for some foundational perspectives and strategies on how to market workshops, you can read my best thoughts in The Art of the Full House.
  • how to sneak your workshops into other countries. I wish I had the secret tricks for that. I’ve got some thoughts based on what I’ve done but I’ve got no catch-all answers for you here in international touring.


If this all feels like a fit for you, then I’m excited!

Imagine being able to pack your bags and travel the world, going to the places you most want to go.

Imagine being able to make your living teaching what you love. Imagine waking up in Rome, St, John’s, New York, London, Toronto, Paris or Portland in the coming months and knowing you’ve paid your way with the workshops you’ll be teaching.

Imagine meeting people who become your best friends for life.

Imagine not putting off your travel ideas anymore because you didn’t know how you could afford it.

Imagine developing a small overseas following and telling your friends, “I’m big in Japan.”


Again, I don’t plan on ever doing this call again.

For real.

The price of this call is $50. And, for most of you, if you even get one person into a workshop in some other city that would cover the cost of this.

I plan to record this teleseminar, polish up the recording, and sell it as a product. So if you’re wanting to learn about this from me, this is it, you can be at the very inception of this workshop with me.

Lastly, since this is a special, one-time occurrence, I’ve put together a couple of package options to compliment this How to Tour teleseminar. Check them out to see if any one is a good fit for you.

You can choose to add my eBook The Art of the Full House to your teleseminar; or even add three of my eBooks that cover different aspects of presenting and marketing your work: The Art of the Full House, The Niching Nest, and Point of View Marketing.

And finally, there’s an option to add both The Art of the Full House and a one-hour coaching session with me. There are only 10 coaching sessions available. If you are touring or on the cusp of touring or thinking very seriously about touring, this could be really useful for you, plus you’ll save $100 on a coaching session with me. We’ll be able to book it in late August or September while I myself am on the road for my own upcoming tour, so you’ll catch me right in the thick of it. I can’t think of anything better!

I look forward to talking touring.



p.s. I’ll stick around on the call as long as I need to to answer everyone’s questions, so come prepared and don’t be shy.

p.p.s. If you’re planning to sign up for this teleseminar I strongly urge you to get a copy of my eBook The Art of the Full House as well. This topic of touring is one that I consciously left out of that book knowing that I would do a teleseminar like this soon, and it’s a perfect companion to this conversation.

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