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How To Prove You’re Different

People have had rotten experiences with other businesses in your industry. You can’t just say, “We do it different.”

So, here’s the question: What are the policies, the procedures, processes and the standards that your business holds that ensure your are different?

Just one quick example on this, which I just thought of now and I’m hoping I can find, is New Seasons Market. They have this thing called the fine print. The fine print is their description of the standards, policies and procedures that they have in their store to make it a better shopping experience.

If you think about your own shopping experiences, you’ve probably had some frustrating ones, some ones that weren’t so hot. Well here’s what they do. They have this thing called the fine print. It’s not just something that they made and is on the back wall somewhere.

It’s in posters in the grocery store. It’s printed on every single grocery bag. It’s out there. People know about it. All of the employees know and understand this really clearly.

Let me read through them and you’ll get a sense of what I’m saying in terms of just making vague claims, they make specific ones.

  • Open the next register policy: more than two people in line, we’ll open another check stand right away.
  • Staffing policy: we hire people who really mean it when they say, “Have a nice day.” We treat them as well as we want them to treat you.
  • Helping you find it policy: We’ll escort you to the spot unless you just want directions. (I heard a sigh of relief when I read that).
  • Product returns policy: if it’s not exactly what you want or you don’t like it for any reason, bring it back for a no hassle return. We’ll replace it or refund your money with a smile. We promise.
  • Eating in the store policy: go for it. Please pay for it on the way out. (Isn’t that refreshing? Isn’t that so nice?)
  • Discount policy: enjoy a senior discount every Wednesday, 10% off almost everything for those 65 or better.
  • You break it policy: if you break it, don’t worry, accidents happen.
  • Problems policy: we have, find and make solutions. Visit the solution center at the front of the store.
  • Special requests policy: Yes.
  • Squeaky wheel policy: our shopping carts will be oiled and maintained so they don’t drag, squeak or otherwise annoy you.

Another sigh of relief. So you get the idea. They’re very specific in the case that they’re making. This is what all of our businesses have to do. A really good thing to do when you’re looking at your offer, the offer is really a combination of two things. It’s what they want, but it’s also what they don’t want to sort of oversimplify it massively.

You’ve got to ask yourself, “What’s most important to people when they’re buying what I sell?” “What’s most important to people when they’re buying what I sell?

If this is an area you feel stuck in terms of designing an irresistible offer, the book I recommend you go and you buy and read religiously, is called Monopolize Your Marketplace by Richard Harshaw. It’s a really brilliant book.

They give a really clear explanation of how you go about building the case and what questions to ask. But one of those questions is, “What’s most important to people when buying what you sell?

Not when buying from you personally, but buying generically what you sell. What you find is there are usually two things. One is there’s things about the product or service itself. But second, there are things about the experience of buying it.

For example, if you’re going to go buy a car, there’s stuff about the car you want to know, fuel efficiency, color, whatever. But there’s also the experience with the sales person that you want to understand is going to be comfortable.


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