Hosting a Marketing for Hippies Workshop on Tour


“earn a few hundred dollars, help Tad, help your friends and make your community a little shinier.”


I’m so touched that you’d want to explore bringing me to your community.

My hope is that this page will help sort out if it’s really a fit for you.

First of all, let’s talk about what’s in it for you. It can be a lot of work to put one of these things on. So, most people have three reasons, hopes, motivations in making it happen. Maybe you resonate with them?

Three Reasons You Might Want To Bring Me To Town:

REASON #1 – a chance to bring something helpful to your community: A lot of people who bring me in want their friends to get a chance to improve their practices. They love the thought of people they love thriving in their marketing instead of struggling.

REASON #2 – a chance to position themselves more as a hub: For some people who bring me in, they’re also trying to reach conscious entrepreneurs and so bringing me in helps to further their goals of building community amongst their own target market. And hey, when it goes well, they get to be that person who brought that cool workshop to town. They get to be seen as a source of good things for the community. And that’s not only a good feeling, it’s good business sense.

REASON #3 – a chance to earn some money: Ironically, this is a reason I usually introduce. Most people who want to bring me in aren’t even thinking of making money off of it. And, up until recently, I hadn’t really offered that either. But then I noticed myself feeling guilty because these people would work so incredibly hard to bring me in. I know how much it can take to pull off an event. It takes real time – sending emails, calling people, putting up posters, etc.

But it’s more than just your effort to put on this event.

You’ve spent years cultivating a deep, trusting relationship with your people. You’ve put in your time. Your word means something to people. You were likely not paid for all those thousands of hours of connecting people with each other and being there for them. You didn’t become a hub by accident. You became a hub because of your profound generosity. And I love the thought of all that time and energy coming back to you now – like a deep root system drawing life sustaining nutrients back to you in the Spring  in return for the beautiful blanket of leaves you gave back to the Earth last Autumn.

In a very real way, I don’t even see this as me paying you for spreading the word. It’s more like paying you for being the kind of person who can spread the word. Like when Picasso scribbled a drawing on his napkin at a waitress’s request and asked for $10,000. “But that only took you two minutes!” she said. “No,” he replied. “That took me 40 years.”

My promise to you: If you put in the effort to bring me to your community, I’ll do everything I can to have it be useful to your people, make you look good, and earn you good money too. There’s no pressure to take the money – but you’re welcome to it. We can even donate it to a local charity if you like.

So, what kind of money are we talking?

Daylong Workshop: You get $25 per person who signs up as a result of you (which we will track as people register on Eventbrite).

Very Important Note: You will be paid only for the people that you personally bring in. If they come off of my list or from another source, you are not paid for that. We’ll compare notes at the end to see who came from where. I do this because I’ve had events where everyone who showed up was from my own efforts and none from the host, and yet I ended up paying them half the money. I’m pretty relaxed about this and, in the case of one we’re not sure of, I almost always default to letting that one go to the host. 

Here’s what you can expect from me:

  • I will lead the workshop.
  • I will pay my own travel costs.  
  • I will handle all the registration.

Here’s your role in making it happen:

  • You’ll arrange the venue.
  • You’ll fill it full of great people.

And don’t you worry, we’ve got lots of ideas that can support you in making both of those things happen.


If you’d like to explore hosting a workshop,

just fill in the form you’ll find at the link below:



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