Twelve Homepages Case-Studies Worth Exploring

Figuring out your Ideal Client.

What’s the big deal? Why bother?

One of the big reasons is because this work can help you craft an extremely lucid and lovable homepage. 

A homepage that your ideal client, the kind of client you love to work with, would read and say, “Wow! That’s me!” and read more.

A homepage that instantly establishes relevance with the best kinds of clients and repels the ones you don’t want to work with anyway.

A homepage that is clear not confusing.

A homepage that people read and say, “I totally get it.”

Remember, the confused mind says “no.” 

So I’d like to share some, real-life examples of homepages.

Disclaimer: I am focused on the words here, not the design. The words matter more than the design. I’m not saying design doesn’t matter. I’m saying, for our purposes here, that it matters less for establishing relevance.

Case Study #1: My own. I think it’s solid:


Case Study #2: Karen Black, a marketing coach in Norwich, England who also caters to the conscious business types. We had the chance to meet and wander the Norwich market in 2019 and I fell in love with the town and its people:


The remaining are, or were, participants in my Mentorship Program.

Case Study #3: Kel Wil, who runs She weaves together burlesque dance with life mentorship (and glitter!). The work we did together on her website resulted in a random woman from England reading her site and, without even talking to Kel, booking a flight to her workshop in San Francisco.

Case Study #4: Nan Krueger, an interior designer with an eco-friendly bent, who lives in the Boston area. Nan put an immense amount of work into clarifying her ideal client and her packages as well:


Case Study #5: Sean O’Connell of who I speak about in this video and who wrote this post for my blog. 
It’s such a clear situation – do you have a wordpress website with which you’re feeling overwhelmed?
If you have a wordpress website that you rely on for your business, you need to check his work out.  
Case Study #6: Rachel Warrington, a holistic practitioner from Victoria, BC who helps people uncover the hidden, emotional causes behind mysterious symptoms.
She also gives a mean Tarot reading (and has strong opinions about the best way to do it).
She is brilliant.
You can see her homepage at

Case Study #7: Larisa Noonan has found a very compelling niche and crafted a beautiful homepage her ideal clients will read and say, “That’s me!”. Her headline and subheadline say it all, Want To Be A Witchy Healer But Grew Up In A Fundamentalist Christian Home? Support for the Aspiring & Closet Good-Witches, Heathens, and Elders-In-Training Recovering From A Fucked Up ChildhoodI couldn’t be happier with what we came up with.


Case Study #8: Founded by Derik Eselius, The Denver Yoga Underground specializes in retreats, workshops and yoga teacher training for the outlier yogi. Very niche. Derik manages to spell this out quite clearly on his homepage, worth checking out. The Philosophy tab is also worth checking out as is his sales letter for his Yoga Teacher training


Case Study #9: Claire MacKinnon lives in the UK where she helps professional women to progress in their career without it consuming them. As her home page puts it, “Something feels off. You have everything on paper you thought you wanted, but underneath your smile you feel uneasy. You can’t put your finger on why – but you have a low level sense of dissatisfaction pretty much most of the time. A nagging feeling of discontent. Something is missing. And yet … you criticise yourself for feeling like that. You should feel grateful for all you have: a good job, people who love you, you’re earning great money but you’re riddled with self doubt. You give everything you have to your job and your family gets the scraps that are left.” You can check out her homepage here.


Case Study #10: Linda Katz does a kind of movement work called Qoya but she realized she wanted to hone her niche more into something like this: “Calling all muzzled, midlife women longing to live & free: You made some big moves because you want to live a more wild and soulful life, but somehow you feel more trapped and frustrated than ever.” You can take a peek at her website here


Case Study #11: Jo Byron-Russell has such a killer opening line. “What happened to us?” Therapeutic Coaching For Couples In Crisis. What a clear niche. This is a great example of the ‘perfect moment’ exercise. And the way she articulates the moment by giving voice to the thing they might realistically and predictably say in such a moment. You can check out her homepage here




Case Study #12: Nisanka Wickramarachchi has one of the clearest niches I’ve ever seen. “Are you parenting with a narcissistic partner or ex? I can help you preserve your sanity, take your life back and help your children thrive.” She nails the situation that people are in. That’s so much of what we need to do in marketing. Name the painful situation they are currently experiencing. You can check out her homepage here


As you read these you might be able to see how the content you come up with based on the simple framework of The Five Levels of Your Ideal Client can show up on your own website. If you have a website you think I should see, or know of one, that deserves a space here among these homepage case-studies, I hope you’ll let me know.
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