Marketing for Hippies and Gypsies

Marketing for Hippies and Gypsies with Tad Hargrave and Alex Baisley (DAYLONG)

In this workshop you're going to learn a perspective on generating income and marketing your projects from two Canadians - Alex Baisley and Tad Hargrave. Alex Baisley runs and helps people create wonderful, authentic, quirky, unconventional and yet sustainable lifestyles and projects that can earn them income for doing what come naturally to them. He's a bit of a gypsy at heart. Tad Hargrave runs He helps conscious, green, holistic and local entrepreneurs figure out ways to grow their businesses and make more money without selling their soul. This is their first workshop in San Francisco. They're quite delighted to be doing it. ONLY TWENTY SPACES (because our venue is wee)
We ask for your phone number in case there are any last minute changes in the workshop and we need to reach you.
Payment for the Workshop: I understand that this workshop is something that Alex and Tad would likely charge around $199 for but that I'm getting it on a 100% Pay What You Can Basis (paying at the very end with no pressure or funny business).(Required)
I understand that there are limited spaces, so I want you to know that . . .

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