How To Design Your High End Offers With Greg Faxon: Webinar Recording


Thanks so much for attending the How to Design Your High End Offers with Greg Faxon webinar. Or if you weren’t able to attend, you’ll find the recording link below! 

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And here’s the transcript.


Here are some words from Greg to you in follow up:

Thank you for attending the workshop!

Here are two ways I can continue to support you for free:

1: Apply for a free strategy session with me.

During the call, we’ll do an audit of your specific

 business, take a look at the draft of your offer, and make a game plan. If you still want help, we’ll book a second call to discuss working together. Note that you must meet the criteria at the link above to be eligible.

2: Dive into the free articles below.

Here are some resources from Tad and I that relate to  high end offers:

  1. Thirty-Three Elements Service Providers Can Include in Their Premium Programs
  2. Business Model: Where do you start?
  3. Signature System Tips: How To Create A Coaching Program That Clients Love
  4. Coaching Packages And Pricing: What’s The Best Model For High End Clients?
  5. The Best Mindset For Enrolling High-End Clients Consistently (Without Being An Ass)
  6. Interview: Greg Faxon Shares His Unique Take On Selling and Enrollment Conversations
  7. How I Use The “Thank You” Page Of My Website To Book Strategy Sessions
  8. Marketing For Coaches: The 10 Best Tactics, Broken Down By Personality Type
  9. These Life Coaching Niches Can’t Fail In 2022 (Which One Is Best For You?)

Wishing you the best of luck with your high end offer,



That’s all. Thank you so much for coming. 

Stay Human,


P.s. If you’re new to my work and are feeling the need for more foundational support in marketing, feel free to check out my Starter Kit or my Membership Program.

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