Give me your grossest headlines!

blog2I’ve got a theory I’m testing and I’d love to have your help.

All you need to do is post the most cringeworthy headlines of promotions that you’ve seen or received. Ideally, to keep things consistent I’d love it if they were from other business coaches (myself included). Any headline that has made you wince, cringe or feel icky inside. Maybe it was full on repulsion or maybe it was just that it felt a little ‘off’.

No need to put who it’s from.

Just post them in the comments below.

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  • Let me be vulnerable with you.
    Can I be honest?
    I’ve been thinking about your and your big ploblems. (yes, that is cut and pasted)

  • Hard to remember but off the top of my head anything that insults my intelligence. Particularly with a presumed familiarity.

    For example. I remember receiving one that said “I wrote this just for you.” And I’m thinking…”No you didn’t. We’ve never met. We’ve never had a conversation. You wrote this for yourself as a way of attracting clients.”

    Oh, an even worse one was “I’ve been thinking about you”. Again….no you haven’t!!!

  • LouiseCrooks

    Anything with FR.EE in it. Or when someone tries to trick you by using Re: or Fwd: at the beginning of the subject line.

  • kayross

    Anything with military metaphors: your target customers, acquiring customers, a captive audience, crush the competition, capturing email addresses… And I especially dislike the word “killer”, e.g.,”7 Tips for Writing Killer Headlines” and “10 Killer Social Media Strategies”.
    The first sentence of an email I received was:
    “Emotion is the latest currency in the war for customers and loyalty.”

  • Sadly I don’t keep a swipe file (I should!), but I had a quick look through my email trash and pretty much anything that is a click bait with no information about what the email is even about was deleted without a click. Things like “This Should Help” – mmm, thanks!

    I also avoid cheesy headlines with words like journey, passion and power. A recent example, also from my email trash: “Take your power back! Be Bold. Beam Confidence.”

  • Carole

    I will think of more but right off the top of my head anything with BADASS in it. Can anyone explain what a badass business/coach/price/blah de blah is??

  • Yeah I dislike those too! Also ROCKSTAR. And NINJA.

  • Ah here’s another one. The good old bait and switch.

    The headline says “Work with me for less than $200 (Insanity!)”.

    But when I read the email the price is $199 for 6 months. Meaning it’s actually $1154 which is decidedly not less than $200.

  • Rupa

    Oh, I remember it well: “Don’t Let Another Holiday Season Pass You By!” This was from a fertility clinic and marketed to people suffering from infertility. It landed in my inbox 3 days before Christmas. Horrible.

    Business coaches do this, too, when they use the ‘pain button’ and really twist the knife. It never works on me. “Don’t miss out! You’re going to live a meaningless life and die lonely and poor (unless you buy my thing)” messages just make me sad for the world.

  • Danielle Marie

    “The most powerful force for change on Earth… ”

    From a life coach. They’re referring to coaching. Obviously ;) Cringe!

  • Wendy Gardner

    Cut and pasted:

    You’re about to miss out

    Are you feeling #wealthgasmic today?

    Last Chance to Save 20% on EVERYTHING! Ends at Midnight!

    What hormone is responsible for your annoiyng fat? (answer inside)

    * headlines littered with brackets and hashtags [ ] !!#
    * five to seven emails within a week all on the same promo (if I was interested, I would * have picked up on it sooner! I’ve stopped opening them as a hint to email me less)
    *psuedo science stuff that’s incorrect(the fat hormone example above, apparently my estrogen is sky high – however a recent blood test confirms its actually LOW – so I’m going to trust any of your promos now?)
    * words like badass/take it to the next level/guru/expert/nailed it/rocked it (vomit)

  • Nicole Powell

    I live in Shawnigan Lake BC, and right now there is a poster plastered on every cork board in the village advertising “GET ENLIGHTENED IN 10 WEEKS!”

  • I just hate it so much.