Does This Tad Fellow Accept Guest Posts?

If you’re reading this, then you’ve sent me an email asking me if I accept guest posts.
Basically, the answer is ‘no’.
There are guest posts on my website that have been sent in by colleagues of mine who I already know and trust. I’m familiar with their work, trust their integrity, dig their vibe and admire their content. That’s why I’ve shared it.
My chances of sharing a guest post from a random stranger is close to zero.
I’m not looking for ‘content’ for my website. I’ve got no need for guest posts. I’m not looking to fill space. I’ve got over 700 blog posts already most of which I’ve written.
Having said that, if you’ve got an interesting angle on something relevant to my people that is something I don’t already talk about or you can talk about it in a way that I don’t… groovy. I’m open to getting a brief email from you with your pitch on it. If what you send is irrelevant (e.g. ‘Tricks to Sourcing the Cheapest Office Furniture’) you won’t even get a reply.
If you’ve got samples of things you’ve written that are relevant to my people, great. But I’m not looking for ‘writers’ to craft something that might possibly be a fit for my people. I’m looking for colleagues who have a track record and something to say that might help my people. If that’s you, I’m happy to hear from you. If not, this isn’t a fit.
The fact that you’re getting a reply tells you that I think your approach is at least half decent. Your email hasn’t struck me as spam or from some god-forsaken software platform or some email template you got from a course. So that’s good.

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