Guest Post: What You DON’T Need To Be A Published Expert

By Alison Marks, Business Building Mentor

There’s a conversation going on inside most business owners about creating a book, ebook, CD, CD set or video series. It goes something like this:

Internal Voice #1: Yeah. I like that idea. I’ve worked really hard and lived a lot of life to know what I know, and it would be really great to share this with other people. And it would be really cool to make some money from it! And then that would also position me as an expert and grow my business. What’s not to love?

Internal Voice #2: Oh, let’s be real. I’m just entertaining myself. I know that this is going to be like so many other things – I’ll think about it, but never actually do it.

Anything in there sound familiar?

We like Voice #1. Voice #2… well, Voice #2 has good intentions. At its core, it wants to keep you safe – nice and cozy where things are familiar and comfortable. It’s going to say things that you might believe, just because they sound like the truth.

But they’re not. Paying attention to Voice #2 is just going to keep you small. Playing it safe will mean that you never get to spread your wings and fly, that you’ll never see what’s really possible in your business and your life. That you just won’t enjoy the kind of success that’s possible just beyond that voice.

A Conversation

Let’s have a little conversation with YOUR Voice #2, shall we?  Here are some things that your Voice #2 might say… and how you might respond.

You: Ok, Voice #2… why do you think it’s just not in the cards for me to enjoy the income and success that come from creating an information product?

Voice #2: You’re just not expert enough.

You: I don’t buy it. I know that if I have the inkling to create an information product, it means there are people out there who need to what I have to share.

Voice #2: Well, I’m just not clear enough about what your topic would be. I’m not even really sure what your business is about. Or if you even want to be in business.

You: That’s ok. Perfect, actually. I know that going through the process of creating an information product will actually help me clarify what my “thing” is – not just for this product, but for my business in general.

Voice #2: Ok, maybe. But you’re just not techie enough to pull it off.

You: Your instincts are right here. There is a LOT of information out there about all the things involved in creating lucrative information products and running a successful online business.  Here’s the truth about it, though: most of the hard part is not actually doing the techie stuff. The tech skills to create a basic information product are actually very minimal, and can be learned and completed by following easy step-by-step instructions. The difficult part is making decisions about things that I have no experience in. I have faith that when I have good guidance in WHAT TO DO and HOW TO DO IT, it’s just not true that I’m not techie enough.

Voice #2: Hmm… I didn’t know that. Well, even if you can master the computer skills, you just don’t have the MONEY to invest in creating a book or CD or video series or anything else, for that matter.

You: You’d be surprised at how little it can cost to create an information product! Gone are the days when I would have had to order hard copy products in bulk, hundreds or thousands at a time, and store them in the garage. At a most basic level, since I have a computer and internet connection, I can create, sell, and deliver a great info product for under $100. There are a lot of free programs available today to help me at every step along the way to becoming a published expert.  I can even produce hard-copy products through a fulfillment house by spending virtually no money out-of-pocket. Of course, there are lots of ways to upgrade, but not having the money absolutely doesn’t hold water as an excuse.

Voice #2: Well, it’s sounding good. But you’re just not supported enough, experienced enough, or educated enough to move forward confidently.

You: I know I can do it with the right support!

Alison: I’m going to step in here and interrupt! I’ve got the perfect solution… a gift actually. You can download my “Info Product Essentials Checklist: What You Must Know To Create An eBook, Audio Program or Video Series That People Will Rush To Buy.”  Just click here and learn about the exact steps you need to take to create an information product that will make great money, position you as an expert in your field, and help lots of people.

Whether you’ve been thinking about creating an information product for a while, or you’re just trying on the idea for the first time, you don’t have to let Voice #2 hold you back any more. Learning how to do this can launch your business like you never imagined. Be sure to pick up your free Info Product Checklist. I look forward to sharing what I know with you.

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