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I met Carrie Klassen years ago in Toronto. And fell in love with her and her business instantly. She was like the Audrey Hepburn of marketing. Incredibly sincere, classy, charming and wonderful. But also smart as a whip. Pink Elephant is my platonic business romance.

Over the years we’ve gotten to know each other better and better as friends. I’ve referred so many clients to her and they’ve all come back raving about the new website they got from her or the homepage she helped them write. I’ve featured her Lovable Homepage workbook and think her Sweetly Selling guide to writing sales letters is one of the best things out there.

She recently emailed her list about my new Niching for Hippies program but I thought you might like to see it. It’s a fine example of what a sincere offer can sound like and she shares a wonderful perspective on niching.

The first (100% essential) thing every entrepreneur has to do before her business can ever be sustainable

– By Carrie Klassen

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that when I started Pink Elephant, I was really struggling financially. I was under-charging and overworking (and I know a lot of you can relate). I knew I was good at what I did but I felt so torn around pricing because helping people was my driver – not making money. I had to come to realize that money, as much as rosebuds and oak leaves and canaries and sunshine, is sacred. And I wasn’t treating it as such.

But I couldn’t learn the lesson about pricing until I learned the lesson about claiming my niche. That was my first step towards entrepreneurial (and financial) healing.

I have often said that if your arms are hanging open to everyone, then no one feels like they’re particularly dear and special to you. Claiming your business’ niche – your ideal clients – isn’t about turning people away; it’s about making the ones you were born to serve feel safe and welcome with you. And understood and appreciated. And maybe even cherished.

It is so essential that helping you figure out your business’ niche market is the very first assignment I include in the How to Write a Homepage Your Clients Will Love workbook and workshop AND in the Pinkprint business plan process. It is the only assignment ever repeated in any of my materials. Because without getting it right, all the steps that follow will take you off course.

Which isn’t to make this whole niche business intimidating! It’s actually the easiest part. What I’ve found is that everyone has the answers already; we just need to be asked the right questions. Gently. Smartly. In the right way.

And my marketing brother and dear friend Tad Hargrave of Marketing for Hippies is SO the guy to ask those questions.

I cover niche marketing in a single assignment but Tad has created a 6-week coaching series to go so so so much deeper. Any class I’ve taken of Tad’s, I’ve walked away from much wiser (and I’ve been a professional marketer for 12 years so that should put that comment into context). Also, he’s very funny (and a comedic improv actor and singer-songwriter when he’s not doing the hippie marketing thing). And charming. I’m pretty crazy about this guy.

I read the note from Tad telling me about his new program (every descriptive word of which, I like – including the name: Niching for Hippies) and within 15 minutes, was typing this note to you. I want “my” beloved people to know about this opportunity. Goodness knows, there are a gazillion e-courses out there, but Tad really is quite special. And the cost is a lot less than so many. So if it feels right, check it out.

And if, you’d like to get a healthy taste of Tad’s take on niching, you can check out the free ninety minute webinars he’ll be offering. You’ll even get a taste of the niching exercise I created in it.

I rarely agree to participate in affiliate programs (for a variety of reasons I should explain in an article one day, but not today)… but I AM an affiliate for this program for two reasons:

  • Tad only does good stuff. This isn’t a make-money-for-summer thing he’s whipped up. This is the heart of his work, turned into a 6-week series. I know he’s sweated over this in the prep work and will be so “in it” for the duration. His attendees will get the best of him (and his “good enough” is already extraordinary). Being associated with Tad’s goodness is an honour, really.
  • Prenatal vitamins are expensive, I had no idea! The thank-you money Tad (and, indirectly, you) will be sending my way for this introduction will be going to my prenatal health fund, an account that needs some love right about now. Oy, I miscalculated the costs of a lot of things!

If, though, you’d rather see all the money go to the creator of the program (not shared with an introductrice like myself), brilliant! This link to get to Tad’s program and won’t track as having come through me.



Want Help? If you’d like some more direct guidance and hand holding on figuring out your niche then go and check out my Niching for Hippies coaching program


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