guest post: the magic of mirroring in your business

by Suzanne Monroe

The Magic of Mirroring in Your Business

As a holistic practitioner or coach, you’re likely familiar with the “Magic of Mirroring” in your business. You know, when your client shows up with some challenge or issue that YOU actually need to work on.

The mirror is funny, because it shows up unannounced and sort of slaps you across the face. You don’t have time to prepare, you’re taken off guard, and your client’s biggest challenge is staring you right in the face as your own life. Just when you thought you were becoming more enlightened, it shows up to remind you that there’s always something to work on in life.

The Magic of Mirroring is actually what makes some holistic pro’s lack confidence. Have you ever said to yourself, “Oh, no, my client has the same challenge I do! How can I possibly help them?” It’s the whole fear factor where you feel just because you haven’t healed something in your own life, you think you can’t be of service to your client.

But that’s the whole point! We are all on this journey of life and holistic business to reach our highest potential. I truly believe that whatever you truly want to go for in life, your calling, your mission, you purpose or whatever you personally name it, comes from something you need to heal.

Here’s an example from my own life….

When I first started in business, I was a Holistic Nutrition Coach and I had severe sugar cravings. The mirror started showing up a lot. Clients kept showing up with sugar cravings when I was finding myself eating more chocolate than ever. These clients had very busy lives and didn’t spend too much time nurturing themselves. The clear solution for each one of them was to give themselves more self-care and time for feeding their souls. And staring right back at me was the mirror. I knew I was in need of some serious self-care.

While I felt like running the other way, when I made the decision that I could help my clients (even though I too was struggling in some way with a similar problem), we both ended up healing.

And I still experience the mirror….

Even now as a Holistic Business Coach and Founder of an international organization, the mirror still shows up! Sure, I thought it would go away, now that I have achieved a certain level of “success”…perhaps I had less to work on?! (Which is by the way, never the case!) Was I kidding myself? The mirror never goes away, that’s the beauty of it. Just the other day a client was having challenges balancing her family life with her business. She had a lot of excuses about time and being able to run a business with everything else on her plate. Instantly, I saw myself with my new baby and realized that I had been repeating a mantra in my head that “time was limited”.

Time can’t be limited – we all have the same amount of time each day. And I could chose to recognize this or ignore it. I chose to listen and I made a shift very quickly. That’s what’s so profound about mirroring. When you’re ready to receive the message from the mirror, you can make a change in an instant.

What I know about the mirror is that it’s there for a reason.
It’s there to shine back to you the best possible version of yourself. It there to show you what’s going on down deep so you can move through it, instead of tuck it away where it will continuing brewing.

And that’s a miracle, really, because it’s like a supercharged healing, it can happen in a minute if you want it to. You can change right there and make a decision to know what’s true for you and help your client to do the same.

So I want you to embrace the mirror. Step up to and say “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the ____ of them all?” (You fill in the blank with whatever you want to do or be!)

Show your beautiful face in the mirror and Post a comment here!


Thriving Together,

Suzanne Monroe

Founder & CEO

The International Association of Wellness Professionals

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