guest post: seven lessons from my marketing vision quest

I first met Brad in Victoria. If there was ever someone who fit the hippy stereotype it was Brad. All smiles, enthusiasm peace and love.

But as I got to know him I became increasingly impressed with his business savvy. I like people who can walk in between worlds – be positive but grounded and practical too. I recently asked him to share what he’d learned from his journey around marketing. I thought you might like to see it.

He shares some interesting thoughts around the connections between our niche and our past experiences and the importance of doing our own inner work.


My Marketing Vision Quest

– Brad Morris

What I’ve learned about Marketing through my Journey of Living and Sharing my Purpose with the world…

Life is TRULY a Vision Quest. It doesn’t matter if you’re living in the forest, surrounded by the elements or you’re caught up in the chaos of our busy modern cities.

As an entrepreneur for years I have also learned that sharing yourself, your gifts, your passions, purpose, products and services with the world is a Vision Quest too.

Every single day and choice you make as an entrepreneur will test your integrity, Trust and alignment with your Highest Calling. The journey of reaching your market is not in how many people you can tell how great you are, but in becoming the embodiment of Love, Truth, Freedom and Creative Expression that you are and sharing that possibility for others to experience.

Your clients are so intuitive and if you are not walking your talk, grounding yourself in Truth and striving to be your fullest, most authentic self, they will feel that and go somewhere else … it’s just the times of Change we’re living in right now.

At the moment I am gearing up to launch a 40 DAY VISION QUEST product that I have been working on for the most part of the last three years. I started test launches this February and have since guided 106 ‘Light Workers or Aspiring World-Changers’ through this Quest to get grounded, clear, inspired and activated so they can share their gifts with the world. As I have been preparing for the big launch that will introduce this product to hundreds of thousands of new, potential clients and journeyers I have learned alot about marketing and messaging.

Below are some of the lessons I have learned through my creative process of sharing myself with the world…

My Top Seven Lessons on Marketing as a Conscious Entrepreneur…

1) Your Niche lies in your Past… When asked who my Niche was in a marketing workshop of Tad Hargrave’s, I thought my niche was every person in the world who wants to meditate. Not only was I too vague, I was also totally WRONG.

Since that day, I have had epiphany after epiphany which has taken me from selling a ‘meditation program’ to sharing an actual Vision Quest experience that supports people on their path to giving their gifts to serve the world.

It wasn’t until I looked into my own past and mapped out my personal journey of getting to where I am now that I realized my Niche is ME.

If you look at your past, your hardships, challenges and the tools you learned along the way that helped you to get to where you are now, you can pin point qualities about yourself that are also in the people you want to market to. For me, I had an awakening experience and realized I had this big purpose to share.

At the time, I didn’t know what it was or how to do that and so my last 7 years of Vision Questing has been gaining the tools and daily practices so I can do what I came to Earth to do. After months of exploration, I can now say who my Niche is in one sentence. My Niche is people who are waking up and want grounding & clarity so they can discover their greatest gifts and share them with the world. If you want to know who you’re talking to, dig up your past.

2) You need to tell your ‘Hero/Heroine’s Journey’ in a way that tells your customers’ Hero/Heroine’s Journey… Throughout ALL time, in all Mythology, we have always learned best through stories. You may not put any value on your hardships and personal story, but it’s YOUR story that will reach the heart strings of your Niche Market.

What have you been through to discover your gifts that you’re now sharing with the world? And how can you communicate your Hero/Heroine’s Journey of healing, awakening and stepping into who you are or what you’re offering now so that you ALSO tell their journey that they’re on right now?

A teacher is only someone who is one or two steps ahead of their students.

Maybe you self-cured a disease, healed your depression, figured out a way to love life, learned how to grow your own food or whatever …. Your story is what makes you Unique and your offerings authentic.

You are a hero and they can be too.

3) Be Unique, Be you… Don’t try to be anybody else but yourself. It is your authenticity, realness and ‘YOUness’ that will draw in the people who want what you’re offering.

4) Your product and service is an extension of YOU… Everything you put out into the world is a reflection of your whole self, conscious and unconscious. Just like you are expanding, growing and evolving as you journey through life, so will your offerings to the world. Give your product the space and freedom to grow, transform and blossom into its fullest gift to the world.

Today it may look like a healing practice, tomorrow a workshop series and years down the road it will have this completely different form. Don’t put pressure on yourself to know it all now or get it perfect … just share who you are and what you know right now, with the space for that to change.

5) The Quadruple WIN is the Key to your Success… If you want to succeed financially, Spiritually and honorably then you need to create a quadruple win scenario.

Meaning, your clients have to win big when they choose you over all the other people out there doing something similar. Your partners or allies who promote you & support your work need to be recognized and appreciated. It could be as small as a thank you card (hand written), throwing a party for them OR creating affiliate links so they make money by sharing your gifts.

The Earth also needs to win. It is imperative that we take care of our Divine Mother Earth in the best way we can, so whatever you’re sharing ask yourself, ‘how can I make this a HUGE WIN for the Earth too?’

When I launch my 40 DAY JOURNEY I am going to be giving a big chunk of the profits to help preserve the Rainforests of North and South America, as well as support the indigenous Tribes who are threatened by corporate development in their Sacred Lands. What’s your offering to the Earth now, not later?

Last but certainly not least, YOU need to win. If you are burning yourself out trying to make things happen, then are you winning? If you are just giving your energy or work away out of desperation just to share it, are you winning? Always honor yourself, your heart and your gifts with so much love, compassion and gentleness.

When you do this, your clients will reflect those qualities and honor you too. Above and beyond receiving love and approval from our clients and the outer world, we need to embrace and give it to ourselves first.

6) Face to Face is always better than Facebook to Facebook… Get out from behind your computer and go out and meet the world. People need to experience your vibes and talk to you in person. This is where Trust is built and connections made. Your computer is a tool, don’t abuse it.

7) Do the work on yourself, so that every cell in your Being believes… Would you do what you’re doing if you weren’t being paid? Do you Truly believe in yourself and what you’re offering? Do you authentically believe that your product or service is worth the money you’re asking for?

Chances are, if you got totally real with yourself you may not say yes to all of the above questions … In times of challenge over the years, where I lived in the uncertainty of not being able to pay the bills or eat food this was my BIGGEST BATTLE.

What I learned is that when people aren’t paying money for what you’re offering, chances are it’s because a subconscious belief that you’re not good enough or your products not good enough is blocking them from being able to.

Your job as a Conscious Entrepreneur is to balance your outer work with your inner work. Sometimes it’s a matter of needing to do more marketing but most of the time it’s about believing FULLY IN YOURSELF, pushing yourself beyond your edge, breaking old paradigms, patterns or beliefs and embracing what you’re offering.

I have had so many miracles happen over the years that after I do a clearing or healing on myself during those times of ‘feeling stuck,’ I’d all of a sudden have opportunities appear, new clients show up and referrals made that bring in more business. Do the work. It’s so much more fun and easy when you do…

So there you have it folks. Those are some of the most valuable lessons I have been learning on my journey of sharing my gifts, tools and services with the World. If you have a comment or ANYTHING that you’re inspired to share that I might have missed, please share it down below. I hope this has provided some inspiration, clarity and forward momentum with whatever you’re offering because we need more good hearts doing good work in the world.

And if you want to activate your greatest gifts through my 40 DAY VISION QUEST, you can do so at it’s introductory special price until August 22nd … It would be an honor to supporting this next chapter of your Life & your Purpose.

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