Guest Post: How To Pick An Irresistible Topic For Your Information Product

By Alison Marks, Business Building Mentor

There’s a certain mistake I see a lot of entrepreneurs make when they set out to create a new information product or other program. And it kills me!  Probably because I did it, too, and I don’t want to see them have to learn the hard way, too. The mistake is…

They pick a topic that interests them – not necessarily the people they want to buy it.

In order to create something that’s really going to give you some traction in building your business – and not just be a cool thing you’ve done – it must solve a particular problem for a particular group of people.

Here are 5 steps that will help you pick a hot topic so your information product is set up for success!

1. Understand what information products are and how they can help you build your business in multiple ways.

Did you know that in addition to making you money directly, you can strategically leverage your info product as a tool to help you establish partnerships with powerful people, build your list, get speaking engagements, upsell folks into higher lever investments with you, and so much more?

2. Determine the niche you are targeting in your business and find out what their biggest challenges are.

Don’t take too much time here or you’ll never get anything done. It’s ok if you’re not 100% sure. Decide on a group/problem that’s at least heading you in the right direction, and decide that it’s “good enough” for now. Know that it’ll change down the road, and choose to just commit for now.

3. Find the sweet spot between what people in your niche need help with and what you are passionate about doing or helping people with.

Notice I’m not saying you should take yourself out of the equation! But you should know that the key to connecting with people and ultimately selling a good number of products is speaking to people in your niche where they are by helping them solve a  specific problem that’s important to them to fix.

4. Make a decision: What problem will you help your people solve?

5. Choose your irresistible topic.  (Hint: once you know what problem you’ll help people solve, this step is verrrry easy.)


Picking an irresistible topic for your information product is just the first of 5 Steps To Creating Your Lucrative Information Product. Want to know what’s next and how to do it?

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When created right, an information product will be a powerful tool for you to make great money, position yourself as an expert in your field, and help lots of people.

Becoming a published expert is within your reach! If you’ve ever felt called to do this, you can, and this is a great opportunity to learn how.

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