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15 Months Ago I had a Vision while in the Mountains of Peru…

My Vision was to create ‘Something’ that helped people Meditate and Celebrate their lives every single day so that they too could know the joy that comes from accessing a connected state of Presence that I have come to Know over the years through my daily practice.  At the time I had no idea what this ‘offering’ would be but I was committed to figuring it out.  I remember sitting above the Temple of the Moon in the mountains of Peru praying to be guided to what this offering would be.  Days and weeks went on and everyday I would get a tiny little piece of the puzzle in my Meditations and through other magical synchronicities.  The first piece was that I KNEW it would be 40 Days long because of the magic & mythology behind 40 days as a powerful number for Self Transformation. 

This was the beginning of the Cowabunga Vision Quest and that was in November 2011.  Now as I sit here writing many amazing months later, I JUST activated the new website for this amazing 40 day journey, I have shared it with 162 people from 7 countries and the results participants are getting from the Cowabunga Meditations I teach are even surprising me a bit.  And just this I week I celebrate the 50 or so potential Joint Venture partners I have extended my invitation to, to participate in expanding the ripple of this program to the rest of the world over the coming months … YAY!

Some of My Greatest Lessons from Creating the Cowabunga Vision Quest program…

My purpose for this article is to share some of the greatest life lessons I have learned this last year and a half of working on this program so that you can take away the tid-bits of wisdom and apply what resonates to creating your greatest vision for your Life!  Truly ALL of us are on our on Vision Quests right now of stepping into our pure potential and learning to live our purpose through every breath we take and I hope you take away something potent that activates a grounded new perspective within you from reading this….

Work on One Thing at a Time…

Though I’m not ADHD I used to joke that I was because I would think a zillion thoughts and have a bajillion things on the go at once.  

This was my first pattern of self sabotage, which caused me to never get anything done and when I did finish a project it wouldn’t be to my greatest potential because my energy was so scattered throughout the creative process.  At the beginning of 2012 I committed to just one project and that was to create the best  Meditation Program I possibly could.  I ended up cancelling all of my Cowabunga Retreats for the year and putting all of my focus into this ONE thing, the Cowabunga Vision Quest.  

It became an inspiring art project of harnessing my greatest life lessons, most transformational Cowabunga techniques and compiling all of it into a real-life tangible experience that would support people to embody this information in a life-changing way.  And  WOW – I thank God that this was the only thing I created because I put ALL the love, care, attention to detail, money and time into this project that I used to put into 10 projects and I gotta say, I can notice the difference!

Double the Listening to Action Taking

You have two eyes, two ears and one mouth which means you should be listening and observing twice as much as you are taking action.  

For a guy like me who is borderline obsessive compulsive with my need to get shit done, this has been a very challenging dosage of medicine to swallow BUT at the same time, I know it’s the Truth.  Connecting to your God Self or Whole Self is the ONLY way to rock your life with your highest, clearest potential of Creativity.  Trying to create from just your head is painstakingly a waste of time because if you’d just Meditate and learn to embody your full Presence, you would have way more fun, be way more efficient and your brilliance from accessing that state of Being would completely shine through in all that you create!  Take time to pray and listen to your Higher Self so you stop wasting your valuable Life-Force and time. 

Your Prayers will Move Mountains and Create Miracles

Prayer is talking to God and Meditation is listening to God.  

A few years ago I took a year long Prayer course in Affirmative Prayer, which was an incredible gift to my Soul.  I now Know how to connect to the particles of Creation and command changes to occur within my life by Being the God Presence I pray to, rather than asking some imaginary figure to save me.  Prayer is not about asking the bearded dude in the clouds to give you something that you don’t have … NO … Prayer is activating your Whole Self into the state of Being of already having what it is you are praying for.  Instead of praying out of lack, pray from the state of Being that you already ARE everything you want, need and are calling into existence.  

For example, to transform the frequency of your prayers into a Powerful command, change your words from “Please give me or Please help me…” to “Thank you, I give Thanks.”  That’s a good start!

Only Always Do What you Love

Malcolm Gladwell in his book ‘Tipping Point’ talks about how it takes 10,000 hours to become a Master at something.  So lets just say you are working a job you hate 8 hours per day, 40 hours per week it would take you exactly 4.8 years to become a Master at hating your life and then probably another 2.5 years to unwind your mental and emotional patterns caused from doing the thing you know you shouldn’t do everyday, which is to keep doing the stuff that makes you miserable.  Okay, now lets go to our happy place!

My mission is to be a MASTER at having the most fun possible doing exactly what I love and to make my money by Being me.  That was a goal I set 5 years ago (yup, I wrote it down) and four years ago I started Cowabunga Life, which is a lifestyle company that supports me to teach workshops around the world sharing Life skills (I love it), I get to go on epic spiritual adventures to epic places with the coolest people (which I also love doing) AND I get to be a creative genius writing, creating videos and making wicked programs that change people’s lives like the Cowabunga Vision Quest.

Sure I was totally broke when I started and it took me about 3 years and a couple hundred workshops to gain some stability with my income but to me that was paid education on my journey to Mastery.  I couldn’t expect to be paid a masters wage when I was just a beginner.  I couldn’t have asked for a more fun experience of having no money than the one I endured over the years because I was living MY DREAM not someone else’s.  What I learned from dropping out of college in 2005 to start my own business was way more than I would’ve received from many thousands of dollars in tuition and 4 years of school.  Now, years later, I am well on my way to fulfilling my 10,000 hours of experience  at being a Master of Loving Life!  What do you wanna master  (write it down, your 10,000 hours starts NOW)?

When your Vision is Greater than You, Miracles Happen

Pretty much everyone wants to make a difference and when you can open yourself up to a dream that is bigger than you it is astonishing all the people who will show up in your life to support your vision. By taking your first steps and then the next steps after that, you Open yourself to the creative powers and magic of the Universe and miracles really do happen.  But here’s the thing, we can’t wait for the miracles to happen and then take action, we must take bold action, which is the thing that creates the miracles.

Your Limiting Beliefs aren’t a Good Excuse Anymore

You are a living, breathing miracle of the Universe.  Before you were born you were the eternal breath of life, floating through all of Creation.  You are a particle of Star Dust and an extension of Source Energy  (AKA:  God).  Petty excuses of not having enough money or not being strong enough or that some person hurt you earlier in life or whatever it is that someone with a Victim mentality says to the world as a way to get out of living, serving and activating their fullest potential and purpose in the world just isn’t enough.  

Let go of the old, ‘poor me’ story and STEP INTO YOUR POWER by being your boldest, most amazing, loving, whole-hearted, beautiful self.  If you don’t know what to do, just start with the first step… If life really is the shits,which I know all about, then activate yourself to a higher state.  Celebrate the tough challenges like it’s a new adventure where you’ll get to learn all sorts of amazing, wonderful things about yourself, life, the Universe and what magical super powers you posses!

Patience and Persistence  =  Good times

What’s the rush?  Enjoy the ride.  You’re here til ya die so why not enjoy the ride!?  Seriously, whatever you set out to create it is going to be an equal balance of Inner and Outer Work, especially if you’re committed to it being a masterpiece!  So when things aren’t coming together in the outer world, explore the inner world and remove the block or gain the insight.  When life ain’t flowing inside, take a time out to honor your process instead of pushing forward like a drunken Rhino.  Life is all about the stories and all about the Journey, this I know 10000% in all my cells from personal experience of living my life to the fullest and only always following my Hearts’ greatest calling.

Learn Anything Valuable?

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