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guest post: 3 must-have’s for online marketing success in your holistic business

by Suzanne Monroe

Something that gets me so excited in life is being able to run my business virtually. Oh, who am I kidding…it’s actually up there with one of the most over-the-top amazing things in my life! Running my business online is pure euphoria for me.

Euphoria?! Yes, euphoria. The Definition of euphoria made me smile today.

Wikipedia defines euphoria as this: Euphoria is medically recognized as a mental and emotional state defined as a profound sense of well-being…an intense state of transcendent happiness combined with an overwhelming sense of contentment.

Yep, that’s sounding like me when I’m running my business. But wait, there’s more….

Euphoria is sometimes induced by the use of psychoactive drugs. However, some natural behaviors, such as activities resulting in orgasm, love and the triumph of an athlete, can induce brief states of euphoria. Euphoria has also been cited during certain religious or spiritual rituals and meditation

Want some of that, don’t you?

So if love, sex, meditation, running a marathon and even drugs can cause euphoria, your business can too! I’m calling for an addition to the definition of Euphoria = Following Your Passion in Business, because what I know today is that holistic entrepreneurs are so tapping into their passion and making big impacts that they are definitely euphoric.

How to Experience More Euphoria in Your Biz

Achieving euphoria in your business happens when you are totally tapped into your passion and purpose and serving the world from your heart. You’re giving and receiving and are excited to wake up everyday to all of the possibilities that await you, and you go after them while experiencing ease and joy.

Running my biz actually gives me tingles when I think of how amazing it is. There’s so much AWESOMENESS being able to set my own hours, connecting with people all around the world, and creating an in’come that isn’t limited by a company’s rules or a hidden “glass ceiling”. (Yuck, corporate old school stuff!) Not that many years ago, when I was lugging around in a day job I despised, having a virtual business wasn’t even something in my awareness. Now I can’t imagine my life without it and the way things are going, it’s an opportunity that anyone have…if that’s what your heart desires.

One reason I love being online and running my business virtually is that I get to reach so many people in so many different places. Just last week I connected with a client in South Africa. We have people from across the world joining the IAWP and our training programs.

As a holistic biz owner, I know you, too, value freedom, flexibility and being able to help people with your work just about anywhere. So that’s why I wanted to share with you the 3 main things that you need to have in place to have online success in your holistic business…and experience more euphoria along the way.

The 3 Secrets to Online Business Success

These 3 things are essential to online success and as a result, biz euhporia, no matter if you’ve already taken yourself online or if you’re just getting started. No exceptions, you just gotta have these:

1. A Problem Solving Program
This one’s a biggy. Whether you’re a coach or a service provider, you can design whatever it is that you currently offer into a “program” that solves your potential client’s problem. If you have a website with tons of offerings and you’re finding it isn’t working for you, make sure that your programs are truly SOLUTIONS that will solve a problem for your clients. If you aren’t solving a problem for a specific group of people who need support, your work won’t stand out to anyone in particular. Which means less traffic, less clients and less biz for you. Take an inventory of your programs right now and make sure they’re Solutions to the Big Problems your clients are facing.

2. Lead Seeds –
The second most important thing you need for online success in your holistic business are what I call “Lead Seeds”. Lead Seeds are essentially all of the places your ideal client hangs out online. In internet lingo, it’s essentially “traffic”. Where are your clients coming from? If you don’t know, you need to get very clear on this so you can spend your marketing efforts and time wisely. There’s many ways to connect with your ideal client online, from speaking to joint ventures to social media, but the important thing is knowing where your clients are and where you can connect with them.

3. Signature Support System
You have to have a way to stay connected and offer your support. Don’t sit around waiting for people to contact you. The way to get your phone ringing and your contact button on your site pressed is for you to step up and lead your client communications. You can do that when you have A Signature Support System. It’s simply the specific steps that clients take with you through your business. Every Signature Support System needs to have starter steps and bigger leaps that clients can take. And the support system only works if you are providing value to your clients and continuing to solve their problem at every step along the way. If you don’t have a Signature Support System in place, you’ll want to start by creating a “signature freebie”, something valuable you can giveaway and share with your community. (To see an example, check out ours here at http://www.iawp-connect.com )From there, staying in contact and finding out how you can serve and support are the ways to building a sustainable, thriving business doing what you love.

If you’re marketing your holistic business online (which I sure hope you are!), then get make sure you’re getting these steps in place so you can experience euphoria…and help others get some of that energy, too.

Thriving Together,

Suzanne Monroe

Founder & CEO

The International Association of Wellness Professionals

Are you a wellness professional, holistic health practitioner, or other health-minded, heart-centered entrepreneur who wants to learn the business and marketing tools to create lasting success? Get your FREE Wellness Professional’s Success Starter Kit at http://www.iawp-connect.com and jumpstart your wellness practice today. Suzanne Monroe is a Holistic Business Coach and the Founder & CEO of the International Association of Wellness Professionals, where passionate practices become thriving businesses.



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