Greenwashing is where companies try to make normal things seem green (vs. making green things seem normal). It’s where they spend more on ‘seeming’ green, than BEING green. This video says it all.


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  • Brenda

    there is a Coke cpmmercial that’s showing at the theatres right now that is not a joke but is just as funny as this one. It’s a little kid talking about how amazing his father is because he drives a coke delivery truck – listing all of the great things Coke is doing for the world.
    – making bottles partially out of recyclable materials
    – sponsoring the world wild life fund
    – listing nutritional information on their bottles
    – giving sports equipment to kids
    It does not mention the fact that the production of coke cans and bottles takes an enormous amount of energy and that their disposal is a major waste. Does not mention that massive consumption of pop is a contributor to the obesity epidemic in North America. Does not mention that Coca-cola inc. is one of the biggest corporate users of fresh water that has caused problems for communities in developing countries by basically choking off their water supplies.
    Yes, Coca-cola, you are most certainly a green green corporation.

  • brenda. i love what you wrote. coco cola is one of the worst. but one of the best greenwashers.

  • John Weiss

    Love that video, Tad! That is it in a nutshell.