The World’s Greenest Business Card

So, you want business cards for your networking but you hate the disposability of it? Well, why settle for anything but the best. Check out the world’s greenest business card. Imagine how attractive you’ll feel giving out a card that you know that you have a card that is so green. From their website:

Why are these the World’s Greenest Business Cards?

The cards themselves are as sustainably produced as possible

We have looked at every aspect of how The World’s Greenest Business Cards are manufactured and tried to engineer them to be the most socially and environmentally responsible as possible. All aspects of the cards are as ‘green’ as we can make them, including:

• Printing on a waterless press so no effluent goes down the drain with vegetable-based inks
• 100% Post Consumer Waste recycled paper (means no new trees harvested)
• Paper manufactured in Canada (small carbon footprint)
• FSC and EcoLogo certified stock means you can have the FSC logo printed on your card if you would like

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