Google Doc Session for Niche and POV


If you’re getting this then you’re either a client or you’ve participated in a program of mine.

Here’s the idea: You put your work (e.g. either your niche work or point of view work) in a google doc and invite me to it.

I’ll spend one hour reviewing it and put in comments and suggestions for you to take it to the next level. There’s no phone call here. I will just work on what you’ve written and let you know when I’m done. The turn-around time will be seven days from receipt of your order and access to your Google Doc file.

It’s like participating in a living workbook.

I normally charge $300/hour for my full rate but I only charge $200 for this because it’s such a tight focus and you’re more likely to have something I can work with than a random client off the internet. This work is much more satisfying for me to do.

Google Doc Session for Niche and POV
Google Doc Session for Niche and POV
You'll receive info on how to submit your document for review in an auto-reply after you pay for your Google Doc session.

Note: price in USD.
Price: $200.00