Authentic Collaborations with George Kao

Authentic Collaborations with George Kao

~ A Free Webinar ~

Wednesday December 4th, 2019 at 4pm MT

When someone asks me how they can grow their audience, I often recommend Hub Marketing.

For 10 years my friend George Kao has been doing Hub Marketing successfully, and teaching it to others. He calls it “authentic collaborations and JV’s” but it’s the same idea — thoughtfully connecting with peers and influencers who will share your message with their audiences.

He’s mastered the process and loves teaching people how to create simple collaborations that create growth for everyone involved. It’s an approach for all of us who want to do business in a more community-oriented way.

I don’t know anyone who does this better or teaches it better than George.

I’m proud of my capacity to teach about the concept and share stories and case studies but George is incredibly good at the nuts and bolts, ‘here’s what to say’ and ‘here’s how to structure things’ side of the conversation.

To get an overview of George’s collaboration strategies — and ask him any questions — come to this free preview webinar:

Simple Collabs & Authentic JV’s

Wednesday December 4th, 2019

3pm Pacific, 5pm Central, 6pm Eastern

Duration: up to 60 minutes

At the time above, join here:

Participants of George’s free webinars say:

  • I love the way George teaches! I learned so much from this webinar.
  • Thanks for you generous teaching. I am glad for your perspective, and this impetus for just getting going!

If you’d like to start learning George’s complete method now, take his full course. It’s affordable and I promise that you’ll find it to be a very doable method for finding and creating collaborations that grow your business.

Here is the link to sign up:

Whether or not you get George’s course, feel free to join this upcoming free webinar.



p.s. To get the free recording + email reminder about the event — Click here.

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