Welcome to the Free Videos page.

Here you’ll find a few hours worth of videos on a variety of marketing topics.

Note: Many of these videos were made many years ago and there was a PDF download offered for free with them. Those PDF’s have since been turned into blog posts or paid products. I was faced with removing those videos since they pitch those PDF’s or keeping them up and getting the occasional confused email wondering where those free ebooks are. Apologies for any frustration. Eventually the videos will be coming down to be replaced with some more up to date thoughts from me.

The Big Picture of Marketing: What are the most important elements you need to be aware of in designing your marketing plan? Where are you strong? Where are you weak?

Niche: I would submit that 90% of the marketing problems I come across come down to a lack of clarity about who they are trying to reach. But most entrepreneurs have a very fuzzy understanding of what a niche is and how to identify them for their business. These videos are a great primer.

Creating Irresistible Offers: If people aren’t saying, ‘Wow! I need that! I’d be a fool to get this anywhere else – then there’s likely work for you to do on this.’

Identifying Your Hubs: How to not only find your ideal clients but also build trust with them rapidly.

Word of Mouth Marketing: Word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing there is. But there’s a passive version of this and an active version. 99% of businesses I come across are passive. They ‘hope’ people will talk about them.

Becoming a Hub: This is, increasingly, what I see as the most powerful form of marketing there is. Instead of chasing people, having them come to you.

Holistic Practitioners: These videos are targeted specifically to holistic practitioners, though a lot of it is relevant to other service providers.