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Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 3.58.49 PMI was recently interviewed by Matt Strickland from for an hour about my thoughts on marketing for naturopaths. In it, you’ll learn my take on . . .

  • How to market yourself genuinely and be successful
  • Why figuring out who is a good fit for your practice is a key to success
  • Figuring out your niche
  • How to connect with other practitioners
  • What hubs are and how to connect to them
  • Why relationships are a key to your success and how they help everybody involved
  • Why your most important web page is your homepage
  • How to write an effective homepage
  • Why a good headshot is important
  • The value of social media
  • Which social media to get involved with
  • Having a personal Facebook account vs a business account

Listen to the hour long interview at this link (no need to opt in or pay anything):

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  • Autumn Estrella Brighid

    This is a great interview! Thank you, Tad!

  • so glad you liked it! any favourite parts?

  • Autumn Estrella Brighid

    The way you talked about how we do need clients, we just don’t need any particular person to be our client. And that essentially all we need to do is be authentic and vulnerable to attract people who are a good fit. And how polarization of responses to what we share can actually be a helpful thing. I know I’ve heard some of this from you before, but hearing it again in different words is so perfect for where I’m at. :)