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Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 3.58.49 PMI was recently interviewed by Matt Strickland from for an hour about my thoughts on marketing for naturopaths. In it, you’ll learn my take on . . .

  • How to market yourself genuinely and be successful
  • Why figuring out who is a good fit for your practice is a key to success
  • Figuring out your niche
  • How to connect with other practitioners
  • What hubs are and how to connect to them
  • Why relationships are a key to your success and how they help everybody involved
  • Why your most important web page is your homepage
  • How to write an effective homepage
  • Why a good headshot is important
  • The value of social media
  • Which social media to get involved with
  • Having a personal Facebook account vs a business account

Listen to the hour long interview at this link (no need to opt in or pay anything):

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