Form #2.2: Offers (ORANGE)

Check out this topic: Offers: Stop Selling Prevention

Check out our guide on Relevance, Credibility & Value.

Check out our guide on Lowering the Risk.

My guess is that this may be a Hub Marketing issue. You're not reaching enough of the right people in a warm way but you're doing a 'cold approach' instead. Go to the Hub Marketing section of the guide.

Ok. This isn't the issue, go back to the last step.

Take a look through our Business Model Guide and check out The Heart of Selling eBook.

Then you may need to craft something else to offer them. Check out the Business Model Guide

"Getting better at launching your stuff." Resources here.

Check out our Business Model Guide.

If there was no feedback that was useful to you from them, then it might be something else. Go back a step or two.

Consider reaching out to them to some of those who didn't come back who you felt a good rapport with to ask them for some candid feedback. You never know what you might learn.

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