I have enough clients but…

Form #2.1: I have enough clients but... (RED)

Take a look through our 'Business Model' guide.

"Building a Sustainable Business Model" Resources here.

"Ideal Client" Resources here.

"Better Boundaries" Resources here.

"What do I do if I hate some of my clients?" Resources here.

"How do I make my business safer to approach?" Resources here.

"How To Simplify Your Business Model" Resources here

"How do I make my business more sustainable for me?" Resources here.

Before you design your business model, you think about the lifestyle you most want to have and you back your business into that. Here are some of my thoughts on how best to do that: Biz Model: Lifestyle

"How To Hire & Manage Staff 101" Resources here.

"I don't know how to how to have the conversations I need to have with them! I keep putting it off."


Here is our guide on 'Niching'.

I recommend diving into this guide.

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