Farmers Market Marketing Series #4: Two Simple Ideas on Social Media

Even if you barely use it, social media makes it easier for customers to find you and connect with you. It allows you customers to tag you in comments and draw more attention to your farm. In today’s world, it is expected that you’ll have at least a basic social media presence.

IDEA #1: Find out which platform your people use. 

Are your people on Twitter? Instagram? Pinterest? Facebook? This can differ from city to city and community to community. You can find out by asking your customers whenever you interact with them.

IDEA #2: Know your local food hashtags.

If you’re on social media and are sharing photos, memes, information and updates make sure you tag all of your posts with whatever the local hashtags are for local food. In Edmonton, it’s #yegfood (YEG is our airport code). If I search that hashtag I’ll find all of the conversations people are having in my town about local food. So, whenever you post, make sure to use that hashtag in them if it’s something you think would be relevant and of interest to the wider local food community.

Please leave any thoughts, tips, resources or ideas that could help farmers grow their businesses in the comments section below. After a few weeks, I promise to read through them all and weave anything relevant and useful into the blog itself so that they can be of the most use to the most farmers.

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