Finding Freedom in Business

One of my biggest critiques of the personal growth and new age movements (and capitalism in general) is the addiction to unending growth. Stated another way: the belief that freedom comes from a lack of limits. Stated another way still – the addiction to control. I wrote about this extensively in a blog post a while back.

In this piece Mark Silver, (pictured here) brilliant as always, shares some insights about the spiritual side of ‘freedom in business’. I love this.

I send so many of my clients to Mark and they are always thrilled with what comes out of it for them.  Every time I speak with him, I come away with some new area of business and marketing illumined. I encourage you to check out his website

“As you may know, I spent last week in a residential study retreat that is part of a Masters of Divinity program in Spiritual Ministry and Sufi Studies. I spent a week with my spiritual teachers and the other students in a remote rural area in northern California, immersed in learning about love.

One of the teachings they gave us was about the source of freedom, what might be called the “true” freedom. Not a freedom of unrestricted choices, but accessing a more profound freedom in the heart, and the three steps preceding that freedom.

I made a short video during one of the breaks to explain the teaching as I received it.”

[vsw id=”VTkcxZYcCd8″ source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]


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