How Do I Fill Up My Weekend Workshop or Retreat Last Minute? 21 Practical Ideas


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The Art of the Full House


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  • Wonderful post,Tad. Had I seen it in April or May, I might not have had to cancel my own 3-day event. Meanwhile, I’ll share on social media.

  • wow, thanks for sharing this comprehensive list! I think most people are not doing enough of the “reaching out” items because of fears of being rejected or looking like they are “not good enough” to fill an event.

    Reaching out to hubs is a great idea, and as you mention, it’s best if it’s “warm” meaning it would be smart to constantly cultivate relationships so you have some good collaborators lined up when it comes time to make the ask. I recently wrote an article on how to over the mindset hurdles in cultivating collaborative relationships, which may be helpful:

  • Tandy Elisala

    WoW! What a comprehensive list FULL of valuable nuggets. Thanks

  • Thanks Tad. Awesome tips. It inspired me to reach out to more of my hubs that I’d not considered. Cheers!! Still hoping for more bums in seats at this:

  • best of luck. any bites from the email i sent out?

  • so glad you liked it :-)

  • Thanks so much for sharing. Was so happy to finally get this all written down in one place.

  • If you are ‘localgoodyeg’ there are lots of views (over a 100) from you – but no nibbles… Hmmmm..

  • Erik Arendonk

    Really nice post Tad, thanks! Now related to #11 ‘Make the best use of your Facebook event that you can’ I’ve had quit some people in my inbox almost panicing during the last 2 weeks, because their “invite all” browser plugin did not work anymore. They used to be abled to invite 1500 friends to their event with the click of 1 button, but now they need to select every friend manually again. Now as Tad explained for several reasons overly relying on Facebook in general and event invitations specifically really is not a good marketing strategy and I completely agree with that. Inviting (a selection of) your FB friends to your event does have some value, however and I’am really curious if there still is a plugin that works. Anybody?

  • Erik! oh man. I feel you. If there IS an invite all app i don’t know of it yet. It seems like you can invite a friends list if it’s 150 or less and you can invite a maximum of 1500 to an event. But, increasingly, facebook is less and less useful to me as a promotional tool and i’m relying more and more heavily on email.

  • Maureen Absten

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  • Good advice, all of it, I’ll definitely put it into practice for my next event, especially reaching out to organisations and groups. Damn right about FB events RSVP really doeesn’t mean anything at all, I’m going to take a closer look at Eventbrite. Thanks Tad

  • so glad you found it of use mithu!

  • Ulrike Selleck

    Wow, really helpful. Thank you for so generously sharing your knowledge, Tad!

  • So glad it was helpful Ulrike. I hope you enjoy the rest of the free things on the site as well :-)

  • Steve Ashby

    Hey Tad, I used to be a hippy before it was fashionable again… now I’m just an old bastard….. Thanks for the note. I’m trying to avoid paying $10,000USD to get someone to put 200 bums on seats in a month’s time for a brilliant seminar (leading to workshops, leading to business module sales). So if I succeed using some of your ideas, I’ll send you a picture of the cheque I never had to write!! :-) best, Steve

  • Best of luck!

  • Nicola Chung

    Thanks for this! Some great ideas! Much appreciated.