105 minutes in new videos about niching

I just sat down over the past couple of days and recorded a series of videos on niche marketing. I thought you might find them useful in helping you sort out how to relate to what can sometimes be a very confusing and overwhelming topic.


Strategy vs Tactics in Marketing (8 minute video)


The Four Core Marketing Strategies (11 minute video)


Five Major Business Struggles (and why niching is the solution to all of them) (15 minute video)


The Primary Niching Blunder – Trying to Reach Everybody (11 minute video)


The Bullseye Metaphor for Niching (5 minute video)


Niching Myths That Keep Us Stuck – Part I (8 minute video)


Niching Myths That Keep Us Stuck – Part II (13 minute video)


Niching Myths That Keep Us Stuck – Part III (15 minute video)


5 Tools to Clarify Your Niche (14 Minute video)


Four Steps to Figuring Out Your Niche (10 minute video)


If you’d like some more help in figuring out your niche, I invite you to check out my six week Niching for Hippies program which begins on January 23rd.

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  • Tad, i love how you keep it so clear and simple. Thanks for such concise advice; i appreciate your help in reaching my target audience!

  • Awesome videos Tad, as always. Thanks for sharing your wealth of insights on the magical science behind niching. I don’t know if I’m alone on this one, but although I find myself fully agreeing and fully wanting to niche, even being able to convince others to niche and help them find their niche, I still find myself struggling finding my own niche! I guess that’s why “Niching Projects” is a good way to play around with different niche ideas… Here’s to us putting our niching lab coats on.

  • Anissa Welsh

    Extremely impressed with all these videos Tad! I will recommend you for sure! Much appreciated!

  • thanks so much!