tad’s fall 2011 tour begins friday (plus a movie premiere! and a hotbox! and thailand!)

ethical living winnipegWell, it’s finally come.

Tour time!

So, over the next six weeks you won’t be hearing as much from me as you normally do.

Friday morning, at 8am, I leave to go to a five day retreat based on the work of Byron Katie (very excited! is that true? yes.)

Then it’s off to Winnipeg to lead a daylong workshop for holistic practitioners and to be a featured guest of their “Making an Ethical Living” workshop series (see the poster here).

Then I go to Nova Scotia for the premiere of  Gaelic movie I was in last summer before I skip down the road to Halifax for my workshop there.

The next stop is England and Scotland. Woot! I’ll be spending a lot of money at the Doctor Who Experience. Yes. I. Will.

Then it’s Toronto for the final workshops of my tour – including a brand new workshop I’m calling The Hot Box until I come up with a better name.

And then I go to Thailand for a meeting of a non-profit I’m a part of.

I hope I get to see some of you in person as I make my way about.



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  • greg

    hippie hotboxing eh? hmmm….
    have an awesome trip ;)

  • Janina

    I love the Hot Box workshop concept.  Hope I can participate in a future one.

  • you know it! and thanks :-)

  • i’d love that too!

  • Anonymous

    Your tour sounds great Tad!  I’ve wanted to dive deeper into Byron Katie’s work for some time. Can’t wait to hear how that is for you. Feeling sad we have not connected more deeply yet and trusting we will when timing is exactly right.  When will you be in Toronto? Considering a something something there again and wondering if the timing may match up. Blessings on your travel.

  • alexis! turns out there’s limited internet here. the retreat is going well. subtly powerful i’d say. i can feel some things shifting inside of me around areas that have been stuck for a while – and that feels good. i’ll be in toronto Oct 11-18th. and yes. i am so looking forward to us connecting more deeply over time. i’ve actually been having an idea for a telesummit about how do we bring genuine community into marketing? how can a business foster genuine relationships and community vs. just affiliates and followers? and where is it OKAY to just have affiliates and followers? how can we untangle the whole mess so it’s clean, instead of calling one thing another . . . and you were the first name on my list for that.