ever been to a ‘gross’ workshop – share your story!

How do we run workshops that sustain us financially – without selling out soul?

That’s a question that’s been on my mind a lot lately.

So, I’ve been in the seminar industry since I was in high school.

It started out with working for a franchise of Anthony Robbins and Associates, then leading workshops across Alberta for high school students and eventually into the marketing work.

And I’ve noticed a trend in the workshop industry that feels kind of ‘gross’.

I’m curious if you’ve experienced the same thing . . . but I hear this a lot.

There’s the evening intro – which ends up just being a pitch for a higher level weekend or coaching program. And, it’s not that I take issue with them having more they offer – but there’s something about the way it’s pitched and offered at the end that feels off.

The three big critiques I keep hearing of the workshop industry:

1) They Are Over Hyped: These intros are sometimes sold as ‘the complete solution’ when they’re just a teaser. So people feel ‘tricked’ and mislead.

2) Contrived Facilitation Style: The facilitation style is very, in my experience, contrived. “Raise your hand if you want to make more money!” They’re not actually curious – they just want to get your responding and compliant.

3) Huge, High Pressure Pitch at the End: You know the one. The ‘only 27 seats left in our upcoming workshop where you’ll learn the REAL secrets! Run to the back of the room and sign up now and we’ll slash the price 3 times with different coloured markers.’

Here’s what i want to invite from you:

Can you share a story of a workshop you attended that felt gross? Let’s leave out names (we’re here to learn not bash).


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