Etsy – Quit Your Day Job

If you want to find arts and crafts made by crafters and artisans from all over the world – you’d be hard pressed for find a better website than Etsy. Not only do they give these people an amazing venue to sell their products and services but they’ve also got a lot of amazing stories to inspire people to quit their day jobs and follow their heart making money doing what they love. Something to think about.

To read stories of people who’ve built a successful, full time crafts business – check out the link below.


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About Tad

  • Tad,

    Etsy is something I’d considered and still do. There’s a built-in audience and if you stay active on the site you can keep your stuff at the forefront. But it’s got a reputation for bargains so it’s not so great to be selling high-quality, higher-end products. The jury’s still out….I’m working on my own commerce site now ;-)


  • Interesting. I wonder if there are any success stories of high end vendors or Etsy . . .