empire vs. village

There’s so much talk in the marketing world about ‘building your empire’ and ‘information empires’.

But stop and ask yourself – do you want to build an empire? Isn’t this the whole problem we’re facing as a planet – the whole model of empire? Doesn’t it feel strange to talk about building yet another one?

Increasingly, something feels really ‘off’ about this whole notion of empire building.

Do you want to be an emperor? An emperor sits on a throne, far away from his people. And, make no mistake, he exploits them. He sits on the top of the pyramid.

Or do you want to be a part of a village – where you sustain them and they sustain you. Where you live amongst them and get to give and receive.

What do you think?


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  • Amen. A major problem with our shell-game economy is that so many people and companies are trying to build empires, when empires by necessity come into conflict with each other, and either eat each other or starve. You see this int he on-line marketing seminar kind of world, where you have an industry of marketers teaching each other how to market marketing to other marketers, and it’s like a pit of snakes each trying to swallow each other’s tails. Ultimately, we either have to be engaged in productive (as in primary production) work, processing the fruits (literal or figurative) of productive work, or supporting the production or processing of productive work. This is where marketing for hippies has so much potential. Small-scale farmers, food producers, child care people, landscapers, local clothing makers, all are essential to a new economy, and they all need some form of marketing.

    Villages are our future, and you can’t have a village made up just of markers and people selling $27 ebooks. It takes farmers, teachers, health people, cooks…. Hippies. ;)