Getting Unstuck: The Five Minute Support-Asking Blitz


If you’re on this list you’re an entrepreneur but, if I know my people at all, that really means you’re a solopreneur.

Emphasis on the word “solo.”

That means you’re doing almost everything alone.

And you think that you should be doing better.

This is insanity.

What if, instead of beating yourself up for not being more successful, you were to step back and see the truth of the situation: you need more support.

In fact, you need a lot more support than you might think you need.

How much?

Well, you’ll be happy to know I can give you an exact quantity.

You need an embarrassing amount of support.

Possibly a mortifying amount.

I mean that, if you don’t feel embarrassed and humbled by how much support you’re asking for, it’s probably not enough.

My take on it: if you could have done better on your own you would have. Period. You haven’t done better and that tells me that something is missing. Maybe you’re needing support:

  • With social media; or your website; or other online presence issues
  • To get clear on your goals, or clear on where you’re currently stuck
  • Tidying up and organizing your workspace
  • Learning how to have sales conversations that feel good instead of terrible
  • With building better business systems

Great. What support do you need to make those happen?

Isn’t it true that you need more support?

The big question to me is, why haven’t you asked for it yet?

When you sit with that question, you discover that you’ve been scared to ask for help because of what others might think of you.

Here’s my assignment for you (and it’s a favourite part of participants of my Meantime 30 Day Cashflow Challenge):

Part One: Take five minutes and brainstorm all of the different kinds of support you’re most needing right now.

Part Two: Take another five minutes and go on a support-asking blitz. The rule is that, for those five minutes, you can’t stop asking for support. You must keep at it. You can text, email, message or post a request on Facebook. Keep at it. Keep asking. Note: if you don’t feel embarrassed by the end, start over. Ask big. Ask for what you really need.

Part Three: Schedule to return here to this blog to comment on what happened as a result of this support-asking blitz within 24 hours.

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  • Tad, this really is one of the most important posts ever! Ironically – or serendipitously – I went through this experience last week. I stuck to my commitment to ask for help, and the result was a complete overhaul and laser-focus on my work and approach. The 4-hour conversation that began with, “I feel stuck and unsure of the direction I need to go,” ended with a clearer vision and rebranding that has left me feeling focused, empowered and excited again. The lesson? Without support, you will drown. The idea of “pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps” is just silly. We are a human community, completely connected to each other on multiple levels. When we live out those connections, miracles do happen.

  • amazing! that’s such wonderful news!

  • Leslie Nipps

    Question: What does support mean? I know that seems obvious, but that’s where I get stuck. ;-) I get a fair amount of paid support, which I actually have to start putting a limit on. I’d like more, well, that kind of human “I’d like to help” support. So, I’d like to do what you suggest and I get two worries: 1) people will just try to sell to me, and I am not ready to start spending more money on support and 2) people who offer to help without payment I could end up feeling out of balance with, in debt to. So, I guess I want clarity. When you invite us to ask for support, what specifically are you inviting us to do? And, to be more clear – I’ve been in situations where I was encouraged to ask for support, and without transparency, I actually ended up in a situation in which I was obligated to pay for something where I hadn’t been ready to do that. It was unclear and needless to say ended up yucky. So, asking for your advice on how to do this with utmost clarity and integrity. Thanks!

  • leslie, fine questions. to step back a bit and speak to where this is coming from. many people are stuck because they’ve hit the edge of their capacity for doing things, seeing things or thinking about things. there are one of two responses to this: 1) “What’s wrong with me? I’m so stupid to be stuck!” or 2) “I guess I must need some more help?”. So this is an act to help people get unstuck and sometimes the first bit of support they need is to sit with someone who might ask them “what support are you needing?” all of the complications you name are real. amen.

  • Leslie Nipps


  • Benita Balsiger

    Okay, now I could just cry!! Where have you been all my life, well at least for all of my entrepreneurial life? This post made me so happy to know…if it’s being written then I am not the only one that needs a motivational slap on the bottom when it comes to asking for help and support. I’m embarrassed at that thought of even asking. I feel like I have no right to ask anyone for there for I don’t even bother to try..afraid of that horrible two letter word that is dreaded by all(almost all).

  • you keep asking benita.

  • Tracey Tief

    Another, marketing pro had me join his group as “the skeptic” and called me a “coyote manifester” meaning that I back into manifesting things, all the while snarling. Amusingly this appears true. In my present crisis, which you already have helped me through without knowing it, I didn’t even try. I just complained on Facebook. I even wrote complaint #14. “When people offer advice I engage in violent fantasies.” And I have been bombarded with support. This is not the ideal response to your column, but I just want everyone to know that THERE ARE MORE PEOPLE THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE WHO ARE WILLING TO HELP YOU IN ANY WAY YOU NEED JUST WAITING FOR YOUR YES PLEASE. I’m a curmudgeon, and I got 39 concrete responses in 12 hours without even asking properly. It’s breathtaking. Thanks always, Tad, for saying so eloquently what we need to hear.

  • I saw that post and i’m so glad you had such a fine response to it. May people keep responding to your struggles with such love. May we all learn to do this.