Edmonton 2013

Participants of the Edmonton 2013 ‘Radical Business Intensive’


Maren Hasse

web: www.marenhasse.com

I am a life coach and author. I have a book coming out in about a month or so called FIERCE Integrity: A Course in Living Your Truth. I am also a yoga teacher and facilitate/teach classes, workshops and retreats.

I absolutely LOVE what I do. All of it. Well, except maybe the self-marketing stuff. Which is exactly why I am here, on this page, typing to you. I have invested about $40,000 in my business (mostly in training, but also in advertising, website design, etc.) and I have yet to earn it back, let alone make a profit. To be really honest, there is a tiny voice inside of me saying (really? More money? On another training?). Oh. And one of my gifts is that I tend to be extremely transparent.

I know that I am good, maybe even great at what I do, but I can’t figure out how to get beyond my own social ‘bubble’.

What else? I truly am a “dirty hippie” (I don’t know why the word dirty needs to be in there, I think I am actually quite clean), although I would say that I am maybe less of one than I used to be. My husband and I spent our first 10 years together wandering the globe, dirt-bagging and living in vans (there’s that word dirt again) before we ‘settled down’ to start a family. We have a four-year-old son named Chephren and now live in Stony Plain (where we both grew up). Expect the unexpected I guess.

The beautiful thing about parenting is that it motivated me to come back to myself. It begged me to re-look at my values, my beliefs, my Integrity. Ultimately, it led me to my dream life and my dream job. Now to figure out how to make a living at it…


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